Survived for two weeks or Let gamification die

Hello everyone, hello especially to these very important people that already found, liked, followed or even commented on my blog!
This is a quick post to thank you and to tell you about my service philosophy:

  • You can suggest and vote for new topics to post at the right side (sidebar).

    English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting

    English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • I will write a post every or every second week about the most voted topic.
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  • I will try to post the best content for my readership presented on this site.
  • You can comment on my blog 24/7.
  • I will try to reply within one day and will check your blog or website out too, if you want me to (I often suggest you want me to).

This way, with your help, I hope my blog will survive more than the next two weeks. But if you like to see things dying…

Let gamification die!

You might wonder why I say such rude things to poor little gamification, do you?

  • the word gamification makes many people think of manipulation so you can’t have a serious, constructive discussion with them. Kill gamification!
  • the word gamification makes many people think of games which they think of as childish stuff so there is no discussion. Die gamification!

    Star Wars - Darth Vader

    Star Wars – Darth Vader (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • the word gamification sounds like marketing or research term, so most of the people think that they are not allowed and not even necessary to think about or even have an opinion about it. That’s completely bullshit! The question how we can give and take feedback, learn continuously new things and master motivation to live a good, joyful life might concern everyone maybe expect little Darth Vader. Die, gamification, die!!!

So I hope you agree we need to find a better term to describe what we try to achieve by gamific… (arghhh, I can’t write it anymore without thinking of rude, bloody things). Do you have any ideas about the wording? What do you understand as its aims, its techniques? What is it (don’t want to think of bloody things anymore) for you?

Sweetheart made by bm199

Sweetheart made by bm199 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe we can baptize poor little gamification a second time so that it is our sweetest sweetheart?

Use the force,



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