Sustainable gamification

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Sustainable gamifcation

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Been away for a long time and I’m sorry for it. But a lot has happened during this time. My initial favor of gamification changed to a critical view of points and leaderboards and I’ve realized that life is so much more than some marketing guys want to make us believe.

But enough of this now, as you voted for “Sustainable gamification” as the next post, I want to tell you what I think about it now.

Sustainable gamification
The ugly truth first, it depends on you if gamification is sustainable! Gamification is probably not sustainable if you

  • aim for quick wins instead of long-term customer satisfaction
  • have no idea what to do but want to have that cool gamification thingy into your app/store/whatever
  • think that people can be manipulated and controlled for a longer time by gamification
  • have products that are not good enough and you need advertising to sell enough of them and see gamification as a kind of marketing

So how becomes gamification sustainable?
Easy question to answer now we know when it is probably not sustainable! Gamification is probably sustainable if you

  • aim for long-term customer satisfaction and take quick wins only as a nice add-on on your path to success
  • have a clear idea why and how you want to implement gamification into your business
  • acknowledge that people can only manipulated for some time against their inner values and therefore, you try to help them to follow their inner values by giving them small and defined motivation kicks in their sometimes lazy a.s.s.
  • have products that help people to satisfy their wishes and allow them to follow their inner values

Or if you like it more visually:

Factors for sustainable gamification

Factors for sustainable gamification

One thing needs to be said before this blog entry can be completed: Gamification is this way only an additional ingredient for your success. Hope you can use it being in the green range of all the four gauges above.

And if you struggle hard implementing gamification, check your inner values or your business’ inner values. If you have any questions, please comment on this blog entry or join me on twitter or facebook.

I’m looking forward to your questions and comments!

And don’t forget to vote for the next blog entry!


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