How I imagine my favorite future fashion store

Howdy folks,

Yesterday I went shopping in Frankfurt (could also have been Berlin, Stuttgart or Karlsruhe with little to no difference). As I felt more and more frustrated about the fashion and the ambience in the stores, I began to think about my favorite future fashion store.

English: MyZeil Frankfurt

English: MyZeil Frankfurt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First of all, I thought about offering “Instant print”. This means that you can take a basic article of clothing in the store and customize it with a large set of options like writing something, uploading an image from your smartphone, etc., the customized article of clothing is then printed instantly for you. Maybe we could even offer “Fashion on demand” which means that you can create your own basic article of clothing and have it crafted instantly. You would be offered to get your body measures scanned to get the perfect fit. You can choose to take part in the weekly “Designer of the week” voting with your crafted article of clothing.

Trouser suicide

Trouser suicide (Photo credit: edmittance)

Then I felt frustrated about a pile of clothes with a sign “trousers from 9€ to 19€” I took the first trouser from and found that I was looking at a 99€ trouser. I want an instore search on style, prize and size for my favorite future fashion store! It also offers the option to show you articles that fit to your current clothing (the one you are wearing) and, if you activated your wardrobe profile listing all the articles you have already bought, a “fits to my wardrobe” option.

Clothes are tagged so that you can easiliy find the size and colour you are looking for by using the instore navigation.

Basic fashion is really affordable (you could even say “keen”) and you pay extra if you want more than level 1 customization (printing one text on your article of clothing).

A café and a bar are integrated in the store providing a chillout area for social interaction and relaxing.


Headphones (Photo credit: James F Clay)

You can listen to instore music via the headphones of your smartphone and choose one of the music channels offered by the store app. For not spoiling your download limit, there is a free hotspot in the store.

There is one section of the store (“Gimme that stuff”-are) you can go with your smartphone, choose some articles of clothing using the store app and the clothes will be delivered to your current location in the “Gimme that stuff”-area, e.g. via automatic segway-like vehicles. If you don’t like it, there is a container you can drop it and it will get back to the warehouse.

Deutsch: Kleiderbügel. Deutsch: Clothes hangers.

Clothes hangers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the whole store, there is no single clothes hanger. I hate clothes hangers! They are always crowded up so that you hardly find the size you are looking for and then struggle hard to get it out of the hanger crowd. I rather think of a display dummy for every clothing and slots where the displayed article of clothing is lieing, every slot marked with a different size or color. Articles are tagged with RFID so if you try to put it in the wrong slot both in store (via a little speaker next to you) and on your headphones, there will be a remark that you please just drop the article in the “Won’t buy it” bin next to you.


Sale (Photo credit: Gerard Stolk (vers l’Assomption))

In the whole store, there will be no sale! I hate the overusage of sale, I’ve been to a store yesterday where a sale sign stood on every presentation table. But prizes were high nonetheless… There will be special deals for fans and if you join the fashion family, you will receive a 10% discount. There is also an innovation discount for fans and family members that really helped the family with their feedback and ideas. This innovation discount is limited to the products you helped to improve and ranges from 20% for one product per improvement to 5% on all products per improvement (if you had an innovation for the whole store).

Fashion:District The Show

Fashion:District The Show (Photo credit: TPWP)

The staff in my favorite future fashion store is always unobtrusive and will never start to talk with you if you are just looking for the latest fashion. You can call a member of the staff with the store app or can chat with a staff member via the store app.

So far the thoughts in my mind, looking forward to hearing about your thoughts now!

Maybe some questions to start:

P question

Questions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • How would you feel in my favorite future fashion store?
  • What would you like to have in your favorite future fashion store?
  • What is annoying you when you go shopping?

43 thoughts on “How I imagine my favorite future fashion store

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  4. Well thought out idea! I am the wrong one to ask about shopping and fashion though, as it means very little to me. One large rectangle of cloth or wool would make life so much easier! Strangely, what comes to mind about what annoys me about shopping, it is the fluorescent lights and beeping at the checkout, and tinny music. The smell of the clothes, and the feeling of being watched. Hehe… you asked!

  5. I LOVE your ideas! My company, Undecillion, is based on the idea of a customized experience. Customers may choose from my exisiting designs (more are added all the time)
    OR- they can send me a drawing or simply describe to me what they want and I make it for them!
    In the future I plan to open a brick-and-mortar store (right now I sell online only and receive clients in my home studio). When I do, I will certainly take your suggestions in hand! I think new printing technologies are really exciting and will investigate good fabric printers that could customize a garment with a client’s photo or artwork.
    Good stuff, Chris, thanks!!!

    • Hey Rachel, thank you very much! And of course, you’re welcome. I am thinking of much more but at the moment, I’ve got some other projects to work on but still collecting ideas every time I go shopping 🙂 If you find any great printers, please share your findings with me, will investigate soon, too and if you want to, I can share it with you. And please consider what my friend RonMamita told you, I plan to have a perfect eco shop.
      Great to have you here!
      Have a great day,
      P.S.: Fixed your link, watch the right order of s and t 🙂

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  9. Future Fashion Shop 🙂
    I would like to be able to stand before a has a camera which takes my photograph and invisible rays measure me I am told to imagine a mood..or occasion ..perhaps a location time of and who are my companions..and then a dress is shown on the if I am wearing ..yes no trial room necessary..and changes as my imagination does..I can feel the texture..I can alter the dress..neck designs or length etc…the computer tells me to lose weight if I want to make it shorter 😉
    Lastly..if my imagination is good..I get 15% off and if its bad..then I pay in full.

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  11. Hey! Thanks so much for inviting me to draw this out, I’d love to! There are some ideas that I feel can be combined to make them more efficient and user friendly. I’ll try and draw up what I think you are talking about and then if you don’t mind I’ll draw out my revisions that might improve efficiency. Looking through some of the comments there are interesting ideas but you might need to edit in order to not over extend or lose the focused image of the store idea. I put my email in the comment on my blog but here’s that again,, if you’d send the draft over. -TheEditingGirl

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  13. Thank you very much for your reply, already replied, too 🙂 Will help me very much when I write the next post about my favorite future fashion store. Looking forward to give you a free drink at the bar (without alcohol of course :))!

  14. Can I just say that if you open a store just like this, please tell me as soon as it opens it’s door so I can be the first customer. I absolutely love the idea of the printing section because nobody really offers the choice of wearing what you actually really want to wear!
    I also agree with all the others when they say that pushy salesman are the worst ever because that’s what manages to drive me out of the store.
    I also think that the store should always have all sizes in stock because whenever I really like something they will have every other size on the planet except the one I want. Also, if you start shoes then please keep tiny feet in mind aswell, I am size 4 1/2 and all the pretty shoes are never in my size. And have short shifts for the staff since long shifts result in them becoming uninterested which makes you feel uncomfortable.
    Looking forward to this store! 🙂

    • Hey there,
      thank you very much for your comment and welcome to the brave ones 🙂 I added your thoughts to the draft for my next blog entry about the store concept. By the way, are you a bit of a visual artist? This is some ability I lack… I would like to have a well-drawn first draft of the store plan for my next blog entry about the store concept. Have you received the email I sent to you with my ugly-drawn first draft attached to it?
      Have a great day & looking forward to see you one day in this store 🙂

      • I have checked it and have replied too! 🙂
        Sadly, I am no visual artist but I can tell you whether the whole plan look nice or not since I am full of opinions. Looking forward to purchasing loads of stuff from your store! 🙂

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  16. I apologize if I appear to be out of touch generationally, because I often miss but continue to search for “Mom & Pop” stores. Clothing stores owned by a man, woman or family in the neighborhood.
    I fondly recall seamstress/tailor taking your measurements and you return later to pickup your new garments. That was a very pleasant experience that I would like to experience more often. Perhaps instead of a shopping center or Mall, a technology like the “3D Printing” can once again empower the individual to be creative at home or start a business from home or flea market…
    Having a personal shared experience, rather than a impersonal machine body scan, being touched by another friendly man or woman is part of reconnecting to life and living rather than increasing the immersion into inanimate, impersonal, dehumanizing, and transhumanism robotic/mechanistic future.
    The human touch is important, especially today when it is ever more difficult to reach a live human voice on the phone to a business to resolve a problem or answer a question.
    I certainly appreciate everyone’s creativity and desire to be creative in their fashions, this is wonderful vision 🙂

    • Hey Ron,
      don’t worry, that’s what we are here for: to speak our minds and learn what the others think.
      I think that I could offer my 3d cloth printers for franchising once I’ve developped them, so people in your mom&pop stores could be franchise partners.
      For my favorite future fashion store, I think of a bar as the central element and a lounge where social interaction can take place. I’ve just begun to draw a raw floor plan today, guess I will upload it in another blog entry this weekend to get more feedback.
      Looking forward to your comment on this next blog entry 🙂
      Have a great day & may the force be with you,
      P.S.: Thank you very much for the comment!

    • Hi Ron! I love what you’ve said here, and as a seamstress who makes custom clothing for clients one-on-one, I really support your message about the individual connection experience. Check out my blog to learn more about what I’m doing! So great to hear another voice who shares my thoughts on the matter!
      -Chris, love your idea about the bar! For my future shop, I’m imagining hosting events like bands performing and open mic nights, book signings, etc.!

  17. I don’t like fashion shopping. Maybe in your future I would feel a little bit more comfort.
    But for the ‘Stop using the Sales-Ad’, I’m afraid people even in the future won’t learn that this big red latters doesn’t mean anything. If your competitors do it, you must do it as well.
    Poor future fashion store.

    • Hey Simon,
      Thank you very much for your comment. I think you and me already know one example of a German drugstore chain which succeeded without any kind of sale, don’t we? Why should my favorite future fashion store not succeed this way, too? I think the most important thing is to make a difference on the things that most people hate or at least dislike a bit, e.g. waiting half an hour to get a dressroom cabin.
      Have a great day & may the force be with you,

  18. I like the concept of your future fashion store (FFS would be a great name, by the way).
    In your FFS I would like to have my measures taken for future purchases and staff remembering my name and my favorite options and style in order to save time and speed up shopping procedures. Things like: Hi, Carlo! We have this new shirt that you might like. Or: Hi, Carlo! What a pleasure to see you here. Fancy a glass of champagne? Our treat, of course and, uh, by the way, today you have a 15% discount on this item.
    I’d like staff to be kind but not too pushy, may be saying things like: take your time and if you need help, I’m here (but do not ask me to borrow my money). The most annoying thing when I’m shopping is to find narrow, lousy dressrooms. They should be spacious, clean and without loud music. I hate the blasts of pop while I’m buying something; I feel like a hen in a 24hrs lighted-on barn that must lay as many eggs as possible. Loud music is not helping sales. 🙂

    • Hey Carlo,
      great to have you here on my blog, thank you very much for this comment. FFS sounds great 🙂 You’re already designing my first collection? Oh wait, I’d first need my café and bar arranged 🙂 Then we can have our meetings there and will be much more productive 😉
      So you want to feel like a VIP which is a very understandable wish. Think many people would like it, so would be great to implement. And you are so right about staff and dressrooms.
      Serious man, could you draw me some things for my next blog entry about this topic? Would be so great!
      Have a hen-free day & may the force be with you,

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