Ten Thoughts That Changed My Life

Howdy folks,

Mind creates life

Mind creates life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

today I want to introduce to you ten thoughts that changed my life as you voted me to do so in the last customer service poll. I used the blockquote formatting to mark my thoughts, might see it as a citation of my mind.

(1) It’s a small world full of great opportunities and great people.

This thought came in my mind once again this morning when I asked a young man at the Karlsruhe Main Station for a pen to write the notes for this blog entry. We began to talk and realized that we are both studying at the Duale Hochschule at Karlsruhe, both studying Applied Computer Science. The only difference was that he started his studies in 2012 and I started in 2010, so he will hopefully enjoy the Software Engineering course I designed starting in October 2013 and I will have finished my studies and be employed by this time. Thank you very much for giving me a pen, Michael K!

(2) There are entity theorists and incremental theorists, also called fixed mind-set and growth mind-set people.

I believe that there are also inconsistent people. These people believe that they can improve in one area and keep at the same level for all their life in another area believing that they are not able to change this. I think that being an incremental theorist/growth mind-set people is essential for being able to head for meaningful activities. Which will make you happier, you know. I believe I can grow!

(3) If something is made for me, I will feel and find it someday.

Door light

Door light (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I think that there are always opportunities that show you that you should decide to go somewhere and that you can always decide to live against what you are meant to but will feel when you listen to the hints of life and do what you are meant to. I just start to feel the flow then. Why someday? Because the good things sometimes take longer. I am taking singing lessons for almost five years now but only within the last two months, my progress have begun to scratch the surface of audibility.

(4a) If I do not take the responsibility for my life, nobody else does.

Does that sound daunting? It’s a great opportunity as you will see in the next thought…

(4b) Only if I take the responsibility for my own life and my personal development, I can become the best version of myself.

And that is what I aim for as I am looking for making my life a meaningful activity.

(5) We live in a wonderful world. How can I help and what can I do to maintain and even improve this world?

What do you think? What do you do?

(6a) I have to feel my body but be present and focussed on the outside.


Singer (That’s not me, will post about my band when we are ready :)). (Photo credit: flo and me)

This is very important to have the right source of energy (the body) and be able to use this energy letting it flow to a target outside. As a singer, groove and audience help me to do so.

(6b) In my mind I have to be precise but my body will only be able to translate this precise imagination if it is not cramped.

So I have to differ between precise thoughts I make in my mind and precise actions that result from the precise imagination in my mind (call it a template for action) and are improved by regular, mindful reproductions of the mind template (known as training).

(7) Freedom does not mean you do what you want to. Freedom means that you do what you want to as long as it does not limit the freedom of other people.

E.g. you could turn up your music as loud as you want to but as you would thereby limit your neighbour’s freedom to have a nap or simply relax, you should not do so. To say it with Eleanor Roosevelt‘s wise words: “With freedom comes responsibility.”

(8) There is bad work, good work, do your own thing and meaningful activities.

Social integration and meaning plus following personal aims leads to a meaningful activity

Social integration and meaning plus following personal aims leads to a meaningful activity

I already wrote about this one. If you did not follow one of the two meaningful activity links above, you can read about it here.

(9) There is the instruction paradigm and the learning paradigm.

Regretfully, you can not only find it in college but almost everywhere in life. I wrote about my thoughts on the great book of John Tagg here.

(10a) I do not need to rely on existing enterprises to satisfy my needs. I could start my own business.

social media

social media (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

I often have ideas how to improve existing business models or how I imagine a great business/store of a certain kind. The last thing that came into my mind was my favorite future fashion store with no sale and no cloth hangers. As I am always looking for great opportunities and great people, I am sure that I will be able to realize the concepts one day.

(10b) We are all social beings.

So enjoy your friends, go for social interaction, use the amazing technical possibilities of our days. Join and communicate, meet people and make a difference, for you and for others. Remember, it’s a small world full of great opportunities and great people!

Goes without saying that I am looking forward to getting to know you and reading and answering your comments!


16 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts That Changed My Life

  1. Freedom (7)
    I am convinced the People of Earth “exercising their freedom” will manifest a profound change.
    A year ago I published this:

    Money PROFIT$
    “As Early as the 1960s I ‘knew’ that People of Earth had an ‘Unfinished Mission’ to end Slavery.”
    Chris you expressed models & concepts that included money without expressing the money relationship to freedom…
    Your most recent example uses the terms: “fashion store”, “work”, and “freedom”.
    On this webpage do a search for the words: “fashion” and “work” and realize that those words are used without expressing the relationship to “freedom”. I may not have commented here had I not read your reference to Eleanor’s freedom quote.
    When you introduced these concepts (“fashion”, “work”, and “freedom”) I noticed the muddled (incoherent, confused) usage.
    The Post from a year ago reveals much on this in a coherent manner:

    I invite everyone in this joyful mental exercise.
    LOVE and Peace
    (The DIY Project)

    PS: Chris, I was browsing the Gamification wiki at:
    and thought it odd that only English was available. What do you think, would you add additional facts or additional languages?

    • Hey Ron,
      thank you for your comment! I read your post about freeing your mind and I really liked it, we think much the same. I have not put it that way now but I will try to articulate it now: Money is something necessary for me to afford the things I really need. If I have more money, I might buy some things but I thought today that if I had won 1000000 € in lottery, I would have only kept about 100000 € to work on my projects and have called people to comment on a blog entry telling them that I won in lottery and that I want to know why I should give them money, what they would do with it, how much they would need and when and how much they want to pay me back (only because people do not care about gifted money). I have business values that I want to write about one day and I think business which focusses on the human needs and does not forget about nature, social aspects and culture is something that can bring people together and make them moving. That’s what I want to create with my favorite future fashion store: a place where everyone can create his/her own fashion, meet up with people in the lounge, enjoy concerts and art. If I make big money with this idea, I will reinvest it in the store and in other projects but never to earn the most money but to make the world a better place. That much I live for and no less I want to die for. If I still have confusion in my mind, please tell me so I can become more precise about it.
      Have a great day & may peace be with you,
      P.S.: Ron, I think English is great but I want to start again learning languages, at the moment I only speak (in decreasing ability order) German, English, French and Spanish.
      P.S. 2: Do you know “Bloggers for peace”? You can check out one of my latest friends (http://appletonavenue.wordpress.com/2013/08/04/bloggers-for-peace/), hope you will like it. Shared the story of (y)ourstories and my song fragment there.

      • Thank you Chris for sharing “Bloggers for peace”.
        I welcome all peace sharers.

        The first thing I notice when visiting a Wiki is how many languages are available (I would be disappointed if only one is presented); I was curious if you had visited it or had a desire to contribute information into that wiki.

        I have reached a level of comprehension to talk about the emerging developments of ‘Games With A Purpose’ and I hope you will share your thoughts here:

        I find the efforts by programmers/game designers to create games that are designed to improve lives and solve real problems is a wonderful change. Game designers with a humanitarian mission is a pleasant change.

  2. A very interesting and thought-provoking post. You seem to have a lot of Buddhist leanings, and I like that. I find I am drawn to people with similar interests and ideas about life. While I don’t condemn others for not leaning toward Buddhism, I think it’s a better way to live our lives.

    Now I’ve got to look up “gamafication.”

    • Hey appletonavenue,
      thank you very much for your comment. Interesting fact is that I never read one article or book about Buddhism (at least in this life :)). But if my experience and lessons learned from my live made me express buddhistic thoughts, it seems to be a topic to read about. Can you recommend one “basic” book for an introduction to Buddhism that I can add on my reading list?
      What did you find out about “gamification”?
      Have a great day & thx again,

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