Successful Brainstorming and powerful creativity: What, How and why??

Thank you very much for posting this very inspiring and helpful post about brainstorming! What I am currently doing quite a lot is Google docs with other people so we can share and document our ideas and comment on each other’s ideas. And all this asynchronically so that I can work and collaborate with people from all over the world.
Have a great day & thanks again,


Mention the subject of creativity or the task of coming up with ideas and one word usually pops up into your mind: Brainstorming. In this article I will be employing Brainstorming into the context of creative thinking to show how people can use brainstorming effectively to generate unique and practical ideas. The word brainstorming is often used as an umbrella term to define the process of being creative. In the context of this article this word is solely used to describe a formal group technique to bring up new ideas. Brainstorming is the most well-known creativity technique. It was pioneered by Alex Osborne in the 1950’s in his book Applied Imagination (Osborne, 1953).

So what exactly is BRAINSTORMING??
     Let me answer that before I go down the subject. Brainstorming is a group session that involves certain people with the intention of finding a creative solution to…

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