My answers to the key questions for transforming work into a meaningful activity that makes you happy

Howdy folks,

today I decided to answer the key questions asked to everyone of you to answer for yourself in my blog entry about how to transform work into a meaningful activity that makes you happy while doing it.

So here we go:

Man thinking on a train journey.

Man thinking on a train journey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What are my personal aims?

  • being able to perform frequently as a singer with a band
  • writing songs for your soul
  • supporting my loved ones as well as my friends
  • changing the world for the better, beginning with me
  • working on my personal projects, e.g. my favorite future fashion store
  • Owning and running a farm with my love
  • Staying abroad every three years for six months, at least three times in my life
  • Having children one day
  • Succeeding at and enjoying work

Sing (Photo credit: Kathleen Tyler Conklin)

What are things that I like to do?

  • singing
  • communicating
  • thinking
  • having visions and breaking them down to reality
  • supporting/mentoring people
  • writing lyrics
  • exercising with my band
  • having singing lessons with my great singing teacher
  • sparetime activities with my love and/or friends
  • blogging (both communicating and writing)
  • analyzing and solving problems

Houseworks (Photo credit: the Italian voice)

What are things that I don’t like to do?

  • most of the housework so I try to automate it wherever it is possible
  • repetive tasks (except for exercising)
  • eating bad because alternatives are harder to reach or even worse
  • working in a known to be suboptimal way and continuing to work that way
My blog's logo

My blog’s logo

What am I good at?

  • singing
  • writing
  • communicating
  • analyzing problems
  • solving problems
  • supporting people
  • running my blog (I am still learning but never thought I could met that much wonderful people out here)

What am I bad at and do I want to change something about it?

  • housework (I am slow and I don’t like to do it so I want to automate it, my birthday wish is a dishwasher)
  • drawing (it is enough for sketches to explain something to somebody, so I might not change it for some time)
  • recognizing vip faces on TV (it is actually fun, so I can live with it)
  • staying serious (sometimes I overdo it with comedy, working on this one)
  • working because I have to (I want to reduce the “have to” work to a minimum, so I will stay with my “I don’t like it, I only do it for the deadline or for not having to worry about it anymore” attitude)
  • if you recognize anything I could be bad at, please let me know so I can decide if I want to change it. Thanks!
A Great Meal

A Great Meal (Photo credit: donut2D)

When do I feel happy?

  • when I sing
  • when I support/mentor someone
  • when I work on something that means much to me, e.g. on my own projects
  • when I communicate with people I like
  • when I get great feedback and feel connected to someone
  • when things are doing great with my love
  • when I solved a problem
  • when I eat something tasty (even better if it is healthy, too)
Love ? I love love love you.

Love ? I love love love you. (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

What is it then that makes me feel happy?

  • for singing it is the harmony of my body, the rhythm and my words reaching out for the audience which gives me a feeling of control and power and meaningfulness
  • for supporting/mentoring someone, it is the feeling that I make a difference and make a life better/show someone how to change his/her life for the better and support him/her doing so
  • for working on something that means much to me, it is the feeling that I am pursuing my dreams and that I could make a difference
  • for communicating, it is the learning, the thinking, the supporting and the emotions and relations which change and mostly improve dynamically and make it exciting and meaningful
  • for getting great feedback, it is recognition and the connection even reinforces this recognition and gets me into support/mentor mode
  • for my love, it is the love and the mutually pursuing of our dreams
  • for having solved a problem, it is the feeling of making a difference and of “fiero
  • for eating well it is the feeling that I have done something I have to in the most enjoyable way

Yoda (Photo credit: davidyuweb)

Is there any chance to trigger the reason for that happiness more often (e.g. by changing your workplace, join your working place community (or found it) or invest more time in a particular spare time activity)?

  • I want to change my working position to a kind of mentor/problem manager and teambuilder for at least 20% of my work time by October 2013 (I then have finished my studies and begin to “really” work (before there were only the working phases of my cooperative studies).
  • I want to continually manage my available time to be able to sing, to communicate/to blog, to meet with friends, to work on my projects and to spend great time with my wonderful love.
  • I want to continually analyze when I feel unhappy or unsatisfied and try to change these situations.

When do I wish to change something and why do I think this change is impossible instead of trying to go for the change?

  • I never think of change as impossible, I divide it only into “change now, required ressources and opportunities as well as the importance for change do exist” and “change later if it is still necessary then”.

When do I blame others and could I not do something about solving the problem myself if it is that important to me?

  • Whenever I catch myself blaming others, I think about this question and whenever I catch someone blaming others, I ask him/her this question (normally in a more subtle way so that I lead him/her to the answer without having asked this question).

That’s it for now, hope you enjoyed reading and want to answer these questions for yourself now. I will definitely answer them again in something like a half year to see what has changed/if something has changed.

Have a great day & may peace surround you,



10 thoughts on “My answers to the key questions for transforming work into a meaningful activity that makes you happy

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  3. Hello Chris 🙂

    It seems like we have a lot in common. Probably most obvious is the singing. Welche Musik singst do? I sing mostly opera and concert pieces. Of course I like to sing with the radio as well 😉 I also like writing and blogging in particular. Magst du koreanisches Essen? I can recognize the food in the picture and the Korean writing on the bowl 🙂


    • Hello Megan 🙂
      I sing mostly rock and pop 😉 Ich glaube nicht, dass ich schon einmal wirklich koreanisches Essen gegessen habe, die Asiaten in Deutschland kochen immer eher deutsch-chinesisch 😉 Aber ich würde es gerne einmal ausprobieren. Ich mochte das Bild, es sah nach gutem Essen aus 😉
      P.S.: Thank you very much for your comment 🙂

      • Ich verstehe das. In meiner Stadt findest du viele koreanische Leute. Wir haben 3 koreanische Restaurants. Es ist mein Lieblingsessen. Auch finde ich deutsches Essen sehr gut 🙂

        I hope this is making sense. I need to brush up on my vocabulary!


          • Hello Chris 🙂

            Yes I actually have been to Germany. I went in 2007 and visited Berlin. My family and I were visiting my sister in England while she was studying there. We went to all the major sites in Berlin and then to Sachsenhausen. I want to go back and visit Southern Germany since that is where my family is from. 🙂

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