What is “EPS”?

Hey Ron,
thank you very much for your detailed research on this topic. I am looking forward to build something using hempcrete one day.
Have a great day & keep up this great work,
P.S.: Could you please research the ecological footprint of my favorite future fashion store once I have developped the concept further?

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Toxins and Hazards: EPS

Please review (if the information is in error please add corrections) Data:

1. What are EPS panels?

Personal NOTE:
I wanted to know what “EPS panels” were after I read a blog post by kalabalu, about the dire needs of squatters in Bangladesh.
EPS panels is yet another of the thousands of products from the Petrochemical industry (“Oil Industry”) that includes components for cosmetics, roads, tires, plastic bottles, farming, production of electricity, gasoline, toys, and most of ALL modern manufactured products in use today has a “petrochemical” component.
The U.S. dollar, as the world’s reserve currency, (after the USA government abandoned the GOLD backed Dollar in the 1970’s), is backed largely, by the value of Petroleum (crude oil is often known as “black gold”) and the Dollar is known as the “petrodollar” and this is primarily the reason for U.S. government’s military policy…

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