“LOVE YOURSELF” – Bipasha Basu

Hey manikui,
Thank you very much for your call for diversity. I love it!
Have a great day,


I was on holiday in India for the past month or so and I noticed an unhealthy obsession to be ‘white’ and ‘beautiful’. I sat at home every other day and flicked through the channels and repeatedly saw many brands advertise one thing and one thing only. Fairness. I mean, it was in products which wasn’t necessarily used for fairness yet they would mention it in the advert in the end so that, I guess, sales boom.

So it’s one thing with multiple brands all advertising virtually the same thing but it’s another when they are horrifyingly bad. The direction given to many adverts is: dark skin = not good = bullying/unpopular/low self-esteem, white skin = good = popularity. I was shocked! Undermining the beauty in darker skinned people just to sell their product to their target audience!

Now, of course, the audience will be tempted to buy it when…

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