My WordPress Secrets

Howdy folks,

as SinnersNeverSleep just asked people to share their WordPress secrets, I decided to finally take the time to share mine with you. I hope you find them useful and appreciate very much if you share your own tips and experience by commenting. Here we go:

Me - Ready for band rehearsal

Me – Ready for band rehearsal

1. Be yourself: Tell people who you are, also on a telling About page. The About page is important because if you visit another blog and leave a comment or a like, many people will visit your About page and probably like it if it does look nice and tell them who you are. And that’s a start for them on your blog. Even better: if you have a cool vita or some special interests, people might even comment on your About page and you can communicate with them. Which leads to the second tip…

2. Be polite: Always answer every comment, check “Notify me of reply via email” if you comment on other blogs and visit people’s blog that give you a like. Ask people how they are doing and try to understand what they want and what they are trying to say with their posts. If you find common interests, that’s always a good start for a mutual following and (yet virtual) friendship.

Frontiers of illusion

Frontiers of illusion – Once I thought being a visual artist πŸ™‚

3. Be honest: You can only follow a certain amount of people if you really care about what they write. I try to visit about 50% to 100% of the blogs I follow at least every one or two weeks reading at least one post, like it and comment on it and sometimes even reblog it. Don’t follow every blog hoping they will follow you back. I reorganize my blog subscriptions (the blogs I follow) every one or two months and delete the subscriptions I don’t enjoy reading. I want to spend my time in a great and meaningful way and be honest…

4. Be curious: Especially in the beginning, search for similar blogs or blogs that share your interests. In a honest, polite and nice comment it is often okay to share a link to a post on your blog which is related to the post’s topic. Also be curious with the tools provided by WordPress. Check out the Dashboard -> Stats as well as the Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets section. There is much more to discover, so don’t stop (I still change some little detail on my blog almost every month, today I added my “Make us one world!” widget with a stats counter with country flags).

Deep blue cat

Deep blue cat – Once I thought being a visual artist πŸ™‚

5. Be patient: I almost gave up my blog some time ago because of poor reactions after a good start. But I rethought my blog concept and realized that I had much more to say than things about gamification. Now I have many different categories as you can see here: . Let people know what and how you’re doing and keep them updated regularly, also by revisiting their blogs.

6. Be open-minded: Blogging can open some interesting possibilities for you, e.g. collaborations on common interests. If you see opportunities, ask for them and if you are given opportunities decline only if there are serious reasons. Often better to give it a try first.

Sunset sports

Sunset sports – Once I thought being a visual artist πŸ™‚

7. Be grateful: I hope you already enjoy blogging a bit and that you’ll enjoy it even more soon. Let people know you appreciate them being here, on your blog, among your followers and being part of your life. I display my community (another widget) in three different kinds on my blog: my followers (“Very Important People”), my commenters (“The Brave Ones”) and my likers (“The Lighters”).

Hope this helps, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Comments, Likes and Reblogs are always appreciated!

Have a great day,


11 thoughts on “My WordPress Secrets

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  2. Tips for being a good person is also applicable for blogging. Thank you Chris for keeping brave ones, very important people and lighters.. I never thought, I could be found under three widgets…right now..I got a smile that goes end to end..will remain there..till I…feels good. Thank you once again.. My secrets..don’t have any..but I want to share my version for blogging.
    Be original and sweet, be decent how you treat..human beings are real even if you can not see them or hear them..they feel your choose wisely and share lightly, unless it is for a serious reason.

  3. Okay, adding this to my life advice booklet thingo πŸ™‚ And is that you with a giraffe microphone stand?!?!? WHERE ON EARTH DID YOU GET THAT? I need that in my life. And I’m rather curious about your musical abilities. Do you have a soundcloud? I would love to listen to your stuff πŸ˜‰

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