Presenting The Young Scientist Award Winner To You

Howdy folks,

yesterday I finally gave my talk at the ICL in Kasan, Russia.

Some statue in Kasan

Lenin statue in Kasan

I was introduced as a very talented, hope-promissing young man by the executive commitee member of IGIP, Axel Zafoschnig and I really felt very much honored, also by receiving the Young Scientist Award (which payed for one flight, the conference participation and the hotel accomodation by the way). After my talk (you can look at the slideshow below to see my slides, I will upload the paper soon and probably my talk as soon as I get the recorded video), lots of people told me they liked it and one colleague even told me it was one of the best talks he had seen on this conference. Trying hard not to burst of pride…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, have to speed up, breakfast is awaiting me and Conference is starting in 20 minutes…

Yesterday, I attended to two amazing presentations, too. One by my young colleague Steffen from Hamburg and another one by my walking colleague Herwig from Graz (whose blog you can find here).

Then my room card sucked and didn’t work any more but the receptionist was very kind making it work again very fast.

Well I almost forgot to tell you but really I felt like singing and dancing when I took my shower with my very own shower gel and shampoo *shivers of luck* yesterday after I have finally got my luggage back again.

Thank you very much for reading, comments and likes appreciated, my friends.

May peace surround you and be happiness your friend.


P.S.: For those of you who like sushi some pictures of my visit to a sushi bar in Korston Mall, Kasan, yesterday below.

2013-09-26 21.23.49 2013-09-26 21.24.00 2013-09-26 21.24.33 2013-09-26 21.24.40 2013-09-26 21.36.00 2013-09-26 21.57.41


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