I Hate Advertising So Why Should I Ever Try To Earn My Living Advertising Online?

Howdy folks,

Sorry - had to let this out...

Sorry – had to let this out…

sorry for the rant that is coming right now. You see, lots of people from A.W.O.L. Project has been following me since I’ve started this blog and I am always happy if someone follows my blog but these people, I would even unfollow them if I could. It is not that I hate any of them in person but I hate what they stand for. I want to confess that I tried online advertising/affiliating and stuff about six years ago. I set up an automated twitter account, bought some virtual lessons by a guy named Bill Crosby (sure he was making money, that’s the way these things work, the last ones are the ones that pay the bills) and tried people to get to click on my affiliated links. I never got any money of this and my clicks were quite low. So I gave up after about three months.

Now I am quite happy that it didn’t work for me. Now I know that advertising (as well as it is done most of the time today) is kind of stupid. Why should we try to create needs in someone’s mind? Because they have to buy the stuff we produce, of course, stupid! No! I, as an entrepreneur produce something to help someone to satisfy his/her real needs and hopefully even feel better and maybe even happy for some time.

English: Logo of Adblock plus Deutsch: Logo vo...

English: Logo of Adblock plus Deutsch: Logo von Adblock plus Español: Logo de Adblock Plus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even if online advertising is something said-to-be big, I don’t believe so. I think nowadays, most persons are smart enough to install something like AdBlock and give a f*ck about damn ads. Why should I waste 20 seconds before being able to listen to my favorite song? Better try for better solutions to earn money, folks! Online advertising is as dead as tv ads are, they don’t serve any purpose if you don’t have real advantages to satisfy someone’s real need!

Have to stop now, ranting like this is not my way of being and I guess you could have got my point, so it would be of no use to go on and on and on.

Do you agree with me? Which ads or ways of advertising do you like? Which do you hate? Why do you do so?

May peace surround you and be happiness your friend, I feel a bit better now, thank you!



2 thoughts on “I Hate Advertising So Why Should I Ever Try To Earn My Living Advertising Online?

  1. I LOL when you said you would “unfollow” if you could 😀
    I threw out my TV and cancelled my cable services several years ago to get away from PR, propaganda, public opinion manipulation, mind control technology. Then I did the same again when it started creeping into Google/youtube/blogger/gmail
    and again with facebook.
    And I would do it again and again, whenever I feel the cultural engineers become bothersome.
    I realize that the centralization of power is institutionalized criminality. Wherever a entrepreneur becomes successful the corporate-governments will buy it or regulate it out of business. Their empire of global financial control can not tolerate competition.
    Yes, most advertisers/entrepremeurs may not be aware of the empire picture but if they become successful then they will realize it too late, Ask America Online (AOL), Mosaic/Netscape browser, Youtube, Lavabit email, subway (sandwich franchise), and many others.

    Chris, you are not alone; the financial empire will not conquer us and the emerging paradigm may be the replacement to the collapsing financial empire in control…

    • Hey Ron,
      it feels so good to hear from you again, my very appreciated friend! How are you if you want to answer this trivial question? How is hempcrete doing? I asked my mother if she wanted to do a project with some students about it, have to ask her how they are doing 🙂
      Have a great day and thank you very much for being on my side.

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