To Improve Me Being A Good Follower

Howdy folks,

Just a short post to let you know that I decided to schedule reading one post of some blogs every day. This way I want to improve me being a good follower as I tend to read other blogs only if I am almost bored which I find kind of sad as reading other blogs has already been a great source of inspiration for me quite often. Please don’t feel bad if you didn’t make it into my reading schedule, you can still make it if I enjoy the interaction with you and a good way to make me read a post on your blog is always to ask me to do so. If you tell me why you want me to and then even reply to my comment, you’ve got probably a new comment and a like more on your blog quite soon…

My weekly subscription plan to be given a try - you could get into it if I enjoy the interaction with you very much :)

My weekly subscription plan to be given a try – you could get into it if I enjoy the interaction with you very much πŸ™‚

How do you do to read other blogs regularly? When do you read them? How do you feel about it?

Thank you very much for sharing your opinion and experience!

May peace surround you and be happiness your friend,


P.S.: You are in my weekly reading schedule – AppletonavenueMeeshabaigGabriel LucateroNutterflufferShadowedteenagerkalabalupatkaybitesloveriennelifeprojectlighttolifeMegan (the image was somehow cut off but you are definitely on Wednesday :)) – michd74mostlyConfusedTeenagerKendall F. PersonKeyarafleeceRachelzwaltersWilder SoulIreneDesignLearnLearnBlogRonMamita. Congrats!




15 thoughts on “To Improve Me Being A Good Follower

  1. Happy greetings,
    and thank you for being here!

    I find myself using the wordpress feature:
    Where I can scroll the posts by each “follower” I choose to focus on.
    Generally my focus is by subject and I go to bloggers that share information and insights into the current changes occurring on Earth or within themselves [socio-economical, geological. astrological, alternative energy/tech/engineering, political/personal sovereignty, health].
    I call this “Ourstory”, one word, to contrast the institutional story called “history” which is two words His-Story.
    Sometimes I will call this the “Global Dialogue” (interchangeable) when it is evident that the discussion is AWARE of the distinction of hierarchical, institutional, dogma and policy.

    The reason for this special focus is because I write about these subjects as part of the emerging “shift in consciousness” and global dialogue as alternatives.
    The major institutions (governments & central banks) oppose this ‘shift’ (personal sovereignty) as they view it as a threat to their pursuit of global dominance, control and order (aka “the global matrix”: a meme of governance, centralization of authority, corporate consolidation, commercial law, and trade agreements).
    This may sound boring or conspiracy-centric to some however, it merely boils down to increasing awareness and living life with conscious intention on a personal level.
    This immediately brings into focus the contrasting scripted actions of institutions, their agents and officials as they intrude on your personal sovereignty…
    On the peaceful, personal level one asks oneself: What to do when institutions no longer serve your well-being, needs and interests?

    CHANGE is occurring and we, the People of Earth are CHANGING too.

    Please use the “SEARCH” feature on the blog to help you locate the topic or tag you are interested in; you may be pleasantly surprised with the search results!
    {for example enter search phrase: Working From Home }

  2. Great idea Chris! I see I’m on the Thursday list πŸ˜€ I wish I could make more time to read every single blog that exists – it’s too bad that there’s not enough time for that…but one day πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks Chris.

    I mostly read blogs in the morning and in the evening, when I need a little break in my day, maybe with a cup of coffee beside. When I have my internet, I use to read some blogs daily. Would love to read all, as I follow, but that is not possible every day.

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