5 Ways to Deal with Extremely Challenging People

Hey Keyara,
You spoke the word for my Sunday speech 🙂 thank you very much for your love and world improving ambitions.you are a beacon of hope 🙂
Have a great Sunday,

Awakening Your Light

We all have them and we love to hate them. They take the form of coworkers, classmates, family members, or everybody if you’re having one of those days. There are just some people that we, for whatever reason, do not align with. Sometimes, there is no avoiding these people because that’s life.

As a general rule, I only surround myself with those people who inspire me and show me love. That being said, it’s impossible to hand-pick every person that you interact with…wouldn’t that be awesome? And since anger and resentment are things that only hurt me when I feel them, I have found a few ways to deal with people who challenge my normally calm and peaceful demeanor.

1. Think of your family

Whenever I take a moment to step back and remember that this person is someone’s child, I look at them differently. I think of my brothers…

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