Remember Happiness Today – Worried Wednesday – Day 24

Howdy folks,

I'm on my way to happiness. Wanna join me?

I’m on my way to happiness. Wanna join me?

The idea of this post series is to ask you one question every day hoping the answers will remind you of happy times you would like to repeat once more. And I’m sure you will find a way to repeat them in one or another way.

If you want to read more about my personal happiness project, I recommend to you reading my sketch of the face of happiness series. Maybe you want to answer my key questions to happiness, too.

Enough words for now, guess you are already excited to get your question for today:

May you rest in peace and enjoy the flowers on your grave,

For a short moment I was very close to cry…

When did you not know what to do for the last time and what was it making you feeling helpless?

Please share your answer with us by commenting on this post. I look forward to reading your answers!

My poem of the day goes here:

Facing it

Can be hard sometimes.

Are you ashamed?

Are you shy?

Are you hiding?

Facing it

Should be the only answer sometimes.

Face it.

To win.

May peace surround you and happiness be your friend.

Yours sincerely,


P.S.: You can find all the Remember Happiness Today questions here.


8 thoughts on “Remember Happiness Today – Worried Wednesday – Day 24

  1. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t feel confused about what to do. I have found though, that the biggest thing that keeps me trapped is my own fear. Once I let go of a fear, I am able to move forward. Fear of failure or of success, I don’t know. As you know I am unsure about moving to Seattle Washington. It’s something that sounds good, and exciting, and a new chapter of my life, but doing so would separate me from my son and my grandson, and I worry about how much I will miss them, or they might miss and need me near. Plus my husband is not so keen on the idea of living in the city.

    Thanks for making me think again about what is important in my life.

    • You’re very welcome and i’m happy that my post did achieve what it was meant for. You know progress is all about making mistakes: the one who never makes mistakes will never improve because there will be no opportunity to learn. Just make sure that you are sure enough of decision which are not or hardly reversible. I guess moving is reversible, just a question of ego if you allow yourself to go back if you feel bad at the new place

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