What To Wear Tomorrow (Guest Post By Meesha Baig)

Are you having trouble choosing what to wear every day? Are there items that you haven’t worn is such a long time that they’re just sitting there collecting dust? Well, I (Meesha of alittlebitofmeblog.wordpress.com) am here to solve all those problems! Chris contacted me quite a while ago to write this post for him and I have finally gotten around to doing it.

The only way you can choose something to wear the other day is to be brave and that’s my number 1 tip!

Daily photo for 365 days and for FGR's partici...

Daily photo for 365 days and for FGR’s participation in the group Camouflage. I am standing in the backyard in a buttload of snow. I didn’t wear pants ‘casue my thighs are so pasty white they blend right in. -Mom, I’m wearing short shorts under the t-shirt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1) Be Brave

There is absolutely no reason for you to be scared of the way you look. I’m pretty sure that quite a lot of women and men are insecure about the way they look when they have absolutely no reason to be! Everyone of you is beautiful (and handsome) in their own way. Clothes that you think highlight your flaws can easily be made to hide them instead. Never be scared of wearing clothes because trust me, that shows.

2) Stay Confident

If the clothes that you’re wearing make you feel uncomfortable, never let it show because a confident smile or even just the way you walk can make a huge difference to your whole outlook. However, this is for after you’ve chosen what you’re wearing for the day! Let’s take a look at how you can choose an apt dress for the occasion.


Tonttu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3) Layer up!

Since it’s the autumn/fall, the weather gets quite chilly and hence, it becomes absolutely necessary – for your look as well as staying warm – to layer up. Choose a solid coloured tank top and where a plaid shirt on top! Add a scarf to that and you’re ready to head out the door looking classy as anything!
Shirts that are now too tight to close the buttons on can again be worn on top of a graphic tee. Start adding cardigans and tights to your dresses, if you want to spice that up further, put on an infinity scarf.

4) Constantly recycle

Keep recycling your clothes and come up with new ways to wear them! Sadly, this can be done for women more than men.  Have a shirt that has a short neckline? Cut it out and make it into a shoulder drop shirt. Make shirts that have become tight in the stomach area into crop tops! Cut designs onto the sides of tight shirts, this will give you more area to breathe and automatically transform your clothes.

English: A model on the runway in clothes at a...

English: A model on the runway in clothes at a fashion show in , Japan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5) Flatter your shape

If you’re buff then wear shirts that accentuate your arms and make them look even bigger. Have a thinner structure? Wear tight-fitted shirts that will only add to the illusion of being well-toned.  For women, there is a whole other post I could write on this. If you want me to, then comment below! 🙂 However, just a few pointers for you. If you have a thin waist, then accentuate it, wear dresses that tighten in that area or just simple add belts to wear your thinnest. If you have fuller hips and are afraid they look huge in jeans, opt for skirts, palazzos and maxi dresses!

6) Wear bright colors!

Stay away from black and white if that’s all you wear. Try branching out into colors that suit your skin tone because there are some colors that make you glow and others, not so much. Experiment until you find the perfect color for yourself! Go into lime greens, oranges and pinks, this goes for both men and women. Trust me, it makes you look much more attractive if you’re comfortable in your skin and are gutsy.

English: A T-Shirt on a clothes line, drawn wi...

English: A T-Shirt on a clothes line, drawn with an LED. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

7) Never be disheartened.

If you’re favorite pair of jeans don’t fit you well then don’t be sad. If you have to keep asking for bigger sizes in shops then there’s no shame in that. As long as you’re happy with the way you look, everyone else is going to be happy too. Don’t change yourself for anyone, only do it for yourself. Give those clothes away for charity and let someone else make those clothes their favorite.

8) Keep changing it up.

If there’s an outfit that you think you look great in, don’t keep wearing it all the time. Keep switching around pieces to reinvent yourself.

Dog Wear the flag of Georgia.

Dog Wear the flag of Georgia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

9) Don’t forget to accessorize!

Even if you’re a guy, listen up. Invest in some amazing scarves or beanies if that’s not your thing! Buy yourself a watch that just makes your outfit more elegant. Wear bangles, earrings or necklaces. I am always in fear of dressing up too much and that sadly, causes me to look under-dressed. Wear everything you think would look great and then stand infront of the mirror and look at yourself the way you would look at someone else and eliminate any pieces that look a little too much. You’ll be set to go!

10) If all else fails, throw on your favorite pair of jeans and a basic tee, pair that up with a scarf and cardigan. You’re good to head out that door.

If there are any more questions then comment below. If you would like to see outfit options for a number of occasions then head on over to my blog! That’s not all I do though! 🙂 Hope all of you are doing well. Have fun dressing up! Byebye. 😀


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