The Tree Of Life – Improving Remember Happiness Today And The Bunch Of Life

Howdy folks,

today, I want to present to you my concept of the “Tree Of Life”. In case you don’t know my series Remember Happiness Today and the Bunch Of Life I recommend you to check them out briefly to know what I am talking about. However, I will try to give you a short introduction:

  • Remember Happiness Today is a daily series to remember you of happy times six times a week and of a sad time one time a week by asking you questions about your preferences and when you did something you preferred for the last time.
  • Bunch Of Life is a daily series to provide you with the opportunity to think about what is important in your life and be able to spend more time in your preferred way.

Talking to my friend Anasera from Wildersoul, I discovered that there is much more to think about because every preference has some reasons and some impacts. So my plan was to change the Bunch Of Life into a Tree Of Life with the roots as reasons, the stock as preferences and the crown as the impact on other people who are represented by the sun. Have a look at it now please:

A sketch to illustrate the Tree Of Life

A sketch to illustrate the Tree Of Life

Let’s add some of my thoughts on this sketch of the Tree Of Life:

  • The roots are the reasons or motivators for doing something. With growing roots, you get a better hold on earth and know what you are living for, so every defeat will be less likely to really defeat you.
  • The layers of the stock are your preferences so you will get a larger radius of interest the more layers of stock grow. You will know more precisely what you like about life.
  • The crown and especially the leaves represent the different kinds of impact your preferences (which lead to a certain kind of behaviour) have on your environment. With every leave growing you know about one more thing you are here on earth. With the feedback you get by other people (the sun), your impact (leaves) can produce energy to make you grow and improve.

What are your thoughts about this concept? Do I make sense? Looking forward to your feedback, comments and likes.

May peace surround you and be happiness your friend,


P.S.: Starting tomorrow, I will post one (logical) chain of reason, preference and impact of my Tree Of Life and ask you a question in the style of Remember Happiness Today but combined with the question of reason and impact, so asking you for a (logical) chain of your Tree Of Life. Looking forward to getting to know your (logical) chains of your Tree Of Life!


10 thoughts on “The Tree Of Life – Improving Remember Happiness Today And The Bunch Of Life

  1. This is a very cool idea and very easy to follow. Pretty soon you will have a field of flowers and a forest of trees! An appropriate allegory to how our desires and experiences shape our life and our temperament comes into constant contact with others’ experiences and temperaments. Very apt.

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