What I Learned About Privacy – Blogging Ethics

Howdy folks,

Do you understand that I want to get back to this physical state? :)

Could I become a jacket model? πŸ™‚

just a short post to share with you my learnings about privacy and blogging. You know, I am always very honest and not hiding much from you. I posted some posts that I called Social Striptease where I uploaded videos in which I sing a bit and it is like a public rehearsal, so neither good recording quality nor perfection in my singing. But I wanted to share it with you anyway. I also posted the story about my psychic illness, my psychosis, a story called The Singer And The Virus. I just think that there is to much silence about psychic illnesses!

However, back to what I learned about privacy: Since I get myself used to a very low level of privacy, I had to learn it the hard way that there are persons which don’t like it and feel even kind of exposed if mentioned in my posts. I had a very great conversation with my brother and a short chat with my cousin about their feelings about my post about the funeral of my grandfather. They think he would not have liked to be presented online and my brother even told me that he thought this post would kind of destroy the feeling of family of the funeral. I never wanted to do anything like this…

Forbidden sunglasses

Forbidden sunglasses – Once I thought being a visual artist πŸ™‚

So what did I learn from it?

  • I will not post any pictures of people I know anymore, except for people who explicitly allowed me to do so.
  • I will not write any names of people I know in my posts anymore, except for people who explicitly allowed me to do so.
  • I will think about if I really want to share a story or a thought on a post (I guess I will say “yes of course I wanna share!” most of the time but anyway, at least I will have had a thought about it then).

That’s it already, I hope you enjoyed reading and understood my points. I now want you to share your experiences with your own privacy and respecting other people’s privacy on the web and especially on your blog. Would you share them by commenting on this post, please?

Looking forward to reading your comments.

May peace surround you and be happiness your friend,



12 thoughts on “What I Learned About Privacy – Blogging Ethics

  1. My general preference is to not use a name in my postings, the exceptions are when I want to encourage readers to investigate or research that person or that person’s works.
    Thus readers will find, by conscious intention, many names in my postings for further research as I want readers to investigate further…

    Additionally, some people have fallen into the, unintentional, habit of assuming a blog (or youtube, facebook, etc.) is only for personal social activity. I have the view that blogs (and all forms of media) are more than only a social media platform. If social entertainment is your focus that is fine, however please remember that others may consider it as a public service tool as well.

    Because institutional crime is a present danger and tumultuous global change is a high probability, my focus is on the service to the People on Earth.

  2. Sorry you had to learn the hard way about some people’s privacy. One thing I do is my my blog completely separate from the rest of my life. I never refer to my family members by name. And my family does NOT read my blog. My Facebook page is more political and less personal and I keep that separate from my blog. I don’t want others to dictate what I write or don’t write.

    I agree with you, psychological illness is not talked openly and it needs to be. I don’t usually think of depression as a mental illness, but it fits the bill when it comes to others’ not understanding it. That’s one reason I talk openly about my battle with it. They don’t understand that depression can be fatal. They also often don’t understand that a lot of mentally ill people end up in jail instead of getting the help they need. At least in the US.

    I believe in being honest and forthright, sometimes too much so. But I agree, you must think about the privacy issues when it comes to others’ comfort level.

  3. Some people demands more privacy than others and one way to learn is the hard way, as you just did. I think, that all of us need to be more open about, what we expect of others for privacy. To read each others minds is difficult for all.
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. I think every Blogger/Youtuber/and so on will tap once in the privacy trap. I’m sure you’ll find a way to respect the wishes of people around you and be able to enjoy your writings.
    And you photo give me a chill, cold.

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