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Hey there,
Thank you very much for sharing and thank you very much, Christine for this very interesting introduction of yourself. I am sure you will find your way and if you ever want to discuss some options I’ll be glad to be your discussion partner 🙂
Have a great day,

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projectlighttolife_1369890987_44-3This post was written by Christine, a college senior who studies English and communication:

When you tell someone that you are a liberal arts major, he or she will typically offer one response: “Oh, and what do you plan on doing with that?” Normally, the person asks this question in a kind way, but I like to imagine that he or she says the word that as if it is a piece of food that should be spit out as quickly as possible.

Sometimes, I like to picture the question accompanied by a nervous chuckle. Whether this skepticism is real or imagined, for me, it doesn’t matter; ever since I was a little kid, I have known that I want to pursue a career that involves writing and editing.

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