Personal Reflection

hey Bon, how are you?
I decided to share your wisdom with my very important people by this reblog 🙂 I want to add that I think one can only love other people as much as he or she loves his or herself. Do you agree?
Have a great day,

Barefoot in Paris


Moving to and living in Paris have taught me two very important things about myself:

  1. How to be comfortable and at ease with who and how I am, and that
  2. Beauty is subjective, and when it comes to myself, only I can define it.

Living in Paris means being surrounded by visually pleasing creatures. I used to get really intimidated and insecure because I knew I just wasn’t on the same level, and I wanted to be. I wanted to be gifted with a defined jawline, I wanted to wear the same shoes, afford the same wardrobe, sport the same hairstyle… In short, I wanted to be them.

Now let me tell you this: there’s no more liberating feeling than accepting the fact that you cannot be like other people, that you can only be the best version of yourself, and that the notion of beauty should not depend on…

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