Missing The Sun

Howdy folks,

just searched for some sun on YouTube. Maybe you have some good hints for me?

I like the bridge of this one for its dancing power:

But it did not really bring back the sun…

Why is it that most of the songs tell about sunny days in the past? I need it now…

Thanks to good ol’ Michael Boublé I know at least one song that gives me some sunny feeling, really looking forward to your suggestions for sunny or simply mood-lifting songs!

Hope all of you have a beautiful day.

Celebrate life.



4 thoughts on “Missing The Sun

  1. Hmm, I enjoy the sun too, and living in a rainy/foggy environment like Washington state is difficult for me emotionally. I prefer to have many days of sunshine and the tropics.
    About sunny songs, all my suggestions would be oldies, perhaps you would not have heard them?
    Here are a couple of oldies:

    SUMMERTIME – Jill Scott & George Benson

    Stevie Wonder 1966 – “A Place In The Sun” MOTOWN

    And when you are melancholy, meditate on the truth that the DARKEST hour is before the Dawning Sunrise!
    Can’t help but smile and feel the expectant warmth of the new day 🙂

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