Beautiful Weekend/Proactive Journey Update

Howdy folks,

How have you been? Hope all of you had a beautiful weekend!

I just wanted to share a 1) short thank you and 2) update on my journey towards being a highly effective person.

  1. Thank you for this beautiful weekend. I enjoyed a great dance/dancing party, had an insightful and motivating singing lesson and a very long talk with some nice food and a very good friend of mine. Not to mention the bunch of things I managed to do yesterday – I am happy!
  2. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo but maybe you can still somehow guess it.
    30 days of proacitivity diary - read me in the morning - tell me in the evening

    30 days of proactivity diary – read me in the morning – tell me in the evening

    This is my 30 days of proactivity diary for the application suggestion “30 days proactivity test” for Habit 1 (Be Proactive) of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I use to read my self-made book inlay (shown on the other photo below) every morning and tell my diary how I’ve been doing through the day in the evening. I don’t want to dive too deep into theory but in short, I can say that the goal is to work in my circle of influence using my freedom to choose my response to a stimulus and to take and use respons(e)ability this way. I lack the words sometimes as I can’t make excuses any more but most of the time I feel a lot better because I feel like growing my circle of influence. So tomorrow is day 22 of 30 but I might continue my diary for a while. It is a very good self reflection exercise for me to answer my three questions every day:

    30 days of proactivity diary inlay - how to be proactive and which questions I ask myself every evening

    30 days of proactivity diary inlay – how to be proactive and which questions I ask myself every evening

    Q1. In which situations have you been proactive today?
    Q2. In which situations have you behaved reactively today and which would have been a proactive way of dealing with it?
    Q3. Have you kept the commitment for today and how do you feel about it/what did you learn?
    And I make a commitment for every day which I have always kept except for two times when I only managed to work towards the intentions behind these commitments. Keeping a commitment to yourself every day is a great way to grow, too.

So now I am about to go to bed, getting ready for day 22.

Have a great start of the week and make sure to let me know what is the one thing you want to do most this week!

Cheers to you,



8 thoughts on “Beautiful Weekend/Proactive Journey Update

  1. I am totally doing this right now, I’m on day 3 of my “30 day proactive challenge.” Check out my blog: I’m bogging my proactive journey. It’s very public, but I since I do have a procrastination streak I thought this would hold me more accountable. I’m excited to find someone who’s doing this too! Best of luck!

    • Hey there!
      I’m glad to hear we are on a journey towards becoming highly effective people together, thank you very much for your comment 🙂
      I will check out your blog right now!
      Talk to you soon,

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  3. I am looking forward to read your next post/review.

    Firstly I should note that I’m only through just over a fourth part of the book. The way I see it, when we read something that has the potential to offer changes to our fundamentals it makes sense to take time to read the book carefully instead of reading it like a marathon. It’s not meant to be an excuse to why I haven’t finished it already 😉 more an explanation to how I deal with a book that seeks to help me develop myself. I believe that fundamental changes are to be considered and planned first, and by reading the book in a slow pace I have time to reflect upon what parts of it I could benefit from (wish to) “reprogramming myself” so to say.

    What I do like about his book is his clear distinction between quick-fix solutions and the fundamental paradigms based on higher principles. I have read other books claiming to help their readers turn their life over by the blink of an eye only using a few principles/ideas – and it has always seemed very superficial or shallow to me. At the same time the author doesn’t found everything he writes on his personal ethos, but he grasps out to other big thinkers and points that they made. His humility and good will shines through the book which makes it more appealing to me.

    A fun side note, I actually read a book of Frankl and his logotherapy many years ago. Though I understood the point he made, I found it hard to see how to integrate it as a part of my own life. His work was interesting and clever – but how I was supposed to benefit from it was a mystery to me. Reading this book made a connection between the theory and life in a way I had not been able to see back then.

    Lastly… Personally I had a hard time figuring out how to place myself in his polarization between reactive and proactive people. In the beginning when he wrote about how reactive people are affected by their surroundings, people and weather, I felt very described by it (and I have never really thought that this was wrong, maybe more thought that I have a highly developed sensitivity). Trying to see this as somewhat unpractical was new to me. Later when he described how proactive people seem to get the most out of every situation, I felt very described by it and about this inner drive. Just placing myself in the scale between these two was difficult. And I seem to be in a debate on whether or not I want to let my sensitivity go. Please don’t get me wrong; being proactive seems like a good way to be and the freedom it provides worth it. So when liking a “reactive” part about myself it more has to do with how I experience “closeness to other individuals through empathy”. And if I should bring my own inner sunshine everywhere – who says I’d then be sensitive enough to recon when someone in my presence would be in need of a hug or an empathic listener?

    This is what I have been thinking about this far. Perhaps I will also do a 30 days diary at some point. I have not decided on this yet. Not that I see an argument against it either.

    As I started out with; I am looking forward to see what the book and the implementation of habits has brought to you. The part about being a better listener and not push the blame for a bad conversation over to the second part I find highly positive. I try to do this myself too – but I am obviously also only a person and am not able to reach all my goals from the moment of taking the decision to do so 🙂

    Have a beautiful weekend.

    • Hey there,
      Well I was doing the marathon reading to come back and go through chapter by chapter and probably will start reading the book again from chapter one once I have finished reading the last one. But sure, you can take your time already for the first reading of the book. Anyway I am glad that you read it and find it useful.

      I think the difference between quick-fix and taking this life-time journey is very important and by saying you like it, you seem to grasp and live in harmony with one of the fundamental points of this book.

      I admit I have heard of Frankl reading this book for the first time 😉 But it sounds as if you now understand it in a more useful way which is great!

      Would you mind if I proposed a solution to your polarization problem?
      In my opinion, being proactive does not mean you have to ignore your environment or the weather. Being proactive means that it is you who choses how to response to your environment or the weather. So you still can (and in my opinion should) be sensitive for your environment and give sad people a hug. With your inner sunshine, the hug might even lift their mood up more than before. What do you think? Does that sound reasonable and logical to you? Maybe a sneak peak into habit five (seek first to understand then to be understood) would also be a starting point for a solution.

      I just posted my learnings from the 30 days of proactivity test – looking forward to reading your thoughts about it 🙂

      Have a beautiful weekend, too.

  4. Realizing it sounds like I haven’t read your post when asking “in what way”… What I meant to ask was; how is it going, and in what situations are you succeeding in being more proactive?

  5. Sorry for not getting back to you on your previous post. I got inspired and decided to give the book a go before messing myself into some conversation without knowing more about the underlying ideas that you’re trying to integrate in your life.

    Am not done with the book yet but it’s for sure an interesting read. Haven’t made it far enough to decide if I should set up goals based on it’s content/mission.

    About a week ago I read an article that got me thinking about what makes a personality likeable, attractive, trustworthy and so forth. After some thinking I got to the point that I am not proactive enough. My world consists of a million creative or just exciting ideas and I tend to blabber these out to the good folks willing to listen to me. One day a friend told me “you’re always so cheerful and energetic, full of new plans and ideas”. I don’t think he really meant anything by it but his friendly manner (as opposed to a harsh critique) made me open to listen to what I was being told about myself. Something that was true. That I am excellent at making up ideas and much better at letting inspiration lead me to new ideas than I am at sticking by them and making all/most/half of them (like hundreds) turn into reality. Last week I made the decision to be more proactive and not let any obstacles get in my way. My ideas should get a chance. And personally I will start spending more time on my passions and less time on the boring chores in life.

    In what ways are you proactive?

    • Hey SC, glad about hearing back from you!
      Don’t worry, that’s already one thing I succeed at being more proactive – I know about the areas of direct control, indirect control and no control and about primary and secondary greatness. You see, the content I put onto here is under my direct control and might lead me to primary greatness if I do it right. But if you or any other person ever reads and even likes it is a no control thing for me and would lead to secondary greatness which I appreciate a lot and which boosts my motivation but of which I am never dependent. So always glad to see you around here but don’t worry, there’s no need to excuse 🙂
      How far have you got with the book so far?
      I would love to hear about your ideas and how you are doing implementing them!
      At the moment, it’s day 26 of 30 and I am succeeding in being more proactive in communication, e.g. by asking back if I am not sure if I understood something right instead of accusing the other person laterwards for a bad conversation. I use my daily commitment to make sure I get the things done that are really important for my inner balance like going for a jog or practise singing. I am thinking about my reactive behaviour of the day every night and yesterday, I had a hard time to think of any reactive behaviour during the day for the first time. I am planning to review my thirty days of proactivity next Saturday and think I will share my review findings on my blog.
      Have a great weekend,

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