Learnings From 30 Days Of Proactivity

Howdy folks,

how are you?

Today, I want to share with you my learnings from having taken the 30 days of proactivity test. As mentioned in my last post in which I introduced my diary for this test to you, I don’t want to dive too deep into theory but in short, I can say that the goal is to work in my circle of influence using my freedom to choose my response to a stimulus and to take and use respons(e)ability this way. Thereby I can grow my circle of influence.

Here are my learnings from having taken the 30 days of proactivity test with a short explanation how I learned it:


  • Know what you want & do it: Sometimes I don’t know what I want to do and feel unhappy about everything I do instead of defining what I want and then doing it.
  • Energy is a question of attitude & mind: Sometimes I feel very tired or slow but most of the time, it is because I don’t lift up my mental energy level.
  • Watch your need for regeneration & spending extreme energy: Sometimes I sleep too little (need for regeneration) or stay all day on the same medium to low energy level (and feel unsatisfied or impatient when going to bed).
  • Have a break from time to time: Sometimes I forget about having a break from time to time and things are getting harder and harder to do.


  • Think about priority & communicate your priorities: I sometimes just work and sometimes, I priorize and let people wait instead of communicating my priorities to them.
  • Structure problems to solve them step by step: I am sometimes frustrated by the complexity of a problem but only because I don’t analyse it in a structured way.
  • Think before doing & ask if unsure: I sometimes just start doing something, sometimes without even knowing if I understood what is the thing to work on.
  • Accept & ask for help: I sometimes want to get everything done on my own.
  • Ask until you understand: I sometimes accept an answer that I don’t understand.
  • Read & follow the manual: If there is a manual, it might be worth reading it instead of feeling frustrated about things that don’t work.


  • Spend your communication time wisely: Sometimes I just listen to a very long and boring conversation without knowing how to take part and without any interest in the topic.
  • Watch your own integrity and be fair to others: Sometimes, especially if I am on a high energy level, I say things that can be understood in a mean way.
  • Look for synergy/understanding: Sometimes, I focus too much on my own way and goal instead of understanding another person’s concerns first.

Well this was a quick post with a heavy load of learning – I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Anyone already read the book (7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey)?

Have a great weekend,




5 thoughts on “Learnings From 30 Days Of Proactivity

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  2. Hello again 🙂

    your absence from WordPress seems to leave your blog in silence (at least compared to previously). As long as you keep updating from time to time I suppose that friends will stop by and see what you’ve been up to. Maybe that is what you really want to get out of it anyways? (Something beautiful doesn’t have to imply a great number of receivers, only someone/a reader to appreciate it, right? 🙂 ).

    I think that it’s good for you to be aware of your own energy level and your mind set through the week. For some people it comes easy to wake up and be in a good mood during the day, while it for others can be quite a new paradigm itself to take responsibility and work for this “positive attitude”. What I meant to conclude was, that I suppose that it is healthy for you to be pragmatic about your energy/reserves and see what you can do with what you have.

    As a matter of fact the whole idea about writing behind a secret identity was to let you know that you have (at least one) silent follower. It means that someone has followed your stories and figured you were interesting and worth paying attention to. It is meant like a compliment and also to ensure you that you are an interesting person to read about, and probably also a small voice asking you not to quit wordpress entirely (but if you choose that, it will obviously also be respected). I am sure that you can see the details of your “anonymous writers”, can’t you? Oh, and lastly; it keeps me in power of who knows my identity and who doesn’t. If you want to get in contact, you are always welcome to send me an email.

    I do agree that we share similar interests. I look forward to your new posts, even if one has to be patient to enjoy them 😉

    Have a good evening you, and may you continue to be successful in your project with implementing good habits and values in your life.

    • Hello SC,
      you know I stopped posting on a schedule at the beginning of this year – now I am posting when I feel like I have something to share with you and everyone else who wants to read it. And after all, you’re true about something beautiful – it’s rather about quality content (and quality followers) than about the quantity or frequency of postings (and likes). This morning, I was ready for another post by the way 🙂

      For me, sometimes waking up in a good, productive mood isn’t that easy – but I think by taking the challenge to consciously lift up my mood by the right state of mind I can make a lot of my time and my ressources.

      Thank you very much for being such a quality follower – I appreciate your comments very much! One day, you might find an email in your inbox now that I know that I am welcome 🙂

      Enjoy the new post and have a great time.

      Best wishes to you & thank you for your kind wishes,

  3. Hey SC,
    You are welcome 🙂
    Yesterday I had a kind of “low of the week” because my body was aching after a lot of work (sitting for hours without any real movements/relaxation) and I even was not sure if I worked on the right things because I felt unsatisfied. But well, the beginning of the week, I felt like a super hero with a huge smile so somehow I needed to get down again 😉 Today, I’m feeling a lot better and already yesterday in the evening, I had the idea to print four pictures and put them on my room’s wall to remember me everyday of what keeps me balanced: singing, the right, light energy as an attitude and state of mind, smiling/being positive and going for a walk. Today I’ve been working a bit on Habit 2 (Begin with the end in mind) and tomorrow I will continue with visualizing my own funeral and thinking about my roles and my perspective/vision. Have you already thought about writing a personal mission statement?
    I have to admit that I am somehow curious to know you in person as we communicate a lot and seem to share a lot of common values/ideas 🙂
    Have a great weekend,

  4. Thank you for your gentle suggestion about how to nose lose my good qualities while developing new good habits.

    It is interesting to see what issues you have been dealing with. Reading the section about your work, it seems that the book might be just what you needed in order to find motivation to be disciplined about the organisation of your tasks and projects.

    Without knowing how you are in person towards other people, I would say … In general your new goals and experiences sound like you are on a path to become a kinder and more tolerant person, which I cannot find anything but really nice for you. Especially the part about moving our perspective away from own needs and towards how other people perceive their reality will prove to open a world of new opportunities (people welcome an attentive listener in so many ways). I hope that these plans will work out for you.

    Until now I am only half through the book. It still works reading it slowly, because I can use the point I just read and spend a day on paying attention to how it develops with in front of my eyes (he brings a lot of points and side stories, and they kind of deserve attention separately and not only to drown in the message of the habits). I am happy you brought my attention to this book. Oddly enough I had been looking in this direction just before reading your comments/posts about it – I am thinking that it couldn’t have been better timing that you wrote about it and inspired me to look up a book putting order into my universe of unsorted thoughts. Thank you very much.

    How is life treating you nowadays?

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