Basics for Getting the Best of Yourself School

We at Basics for Getting the Best of Yourself School (BaGeBeYouS) take responsibility for our teaching, our mentoring, our course organization and design. We use the latest research, our experience and our vision of life-long learning and personal development to optimize and innovate schooling.

One important thing to note: We do not take responsibility for your learning. You may feeling like having to swallow the pill now. “How can they do this?!”, you might ask yourself. Well, because we can. Because it makes sense.

We cannot take responsibility for your learning because the learner is you and only you can take the responsibility for your learning and for your life. That’s how you get the best of yourself. And probably happy, too.

But don’t worry, we do not leave you alone on your journey and we thought carefully about how to design a scaffolding and mentoring that helps you to succeed. But once again, it is up to you if you want to succeed!

If you decide that you want to get the best of yourself, we offer you life-long support and mentoring whenever you need it. Yes, you can still trust your eyes, you just read life-long support.

We at BaGeBeYouS do not believe in the Instruction Paradigm, so we offer a life-long time horizon for learning. We believe in the Learning Paradigm, so we want to create meaningful learning and communities of practice.

We offer certified courses with additional content for your personal development. We offer general studies for those who know that they want to get the best of themselves but don’t have a clue what this might look like. You can change and adapt your learning goals to fit your personal development and goals for life everytime.

Are you interested in this journey? Do you see it as a rewarding challenge? We recommend you to join us for our free, month-long introduction course. You can apply for it here. And don’t be surprised if we call you to ask for the best place in your city to go for and when you want to meet us there.

Have a great time and remember, learning does not have to be painful. Getting the best of yourself is a meaningful activity that will make you happy. Cheers!


4 thoughts on “Basics for Getting the Best of Yourself School

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  2. I think I get your idea of education being more of a comprehensive learning experience as opposed to the traditional, Math, Grammar, History, etc. Is that it? If so, I agree completely. If only we were in charge, yeah?

    • Yes, that is the direction I head for with my vision. I think we might take the “must have content” that official departments and certification agencies require us to teach but we can teach it in a meaningful way and if students are motivated, this motivation will be the fuel to dive deep into learning. My point is that we can hardly get students motivated if they are not responsible for what they do because everytime they fail, either the teacher will make them pass (often for reasons of fear/comfort) or he/she will make them pass after the parents almost got him fired by complaining. What do you think about the life-long support for learning?
      P.S.: Thank you very much for your comment!

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