Meaningful Learning and Communities of Practice at BaGeBeYouS

Madre Tierra - Mother Earth

Madre Tierra – Mother Earth (Photo credit: purolipan)

Meaningful Learning means that the knowledge and the skills you learn at BaGeBeYouS do really mean something to you and to the world you can improve and change with the things you learn here. We provide life-long support for your learning so that you can always enjoy your Meaningful Learning experience.


People (Photo credit: Moyan_ Brenn_ BE_ BACK_ IN_ SEPTEMBER)

Communities of Practice are communities of students, mentors and other persons, e.g. employees of enterprises where students do an internship. In these communities, learning is collaborative which means that you are only as lonely as you want to be. We all work together to make your learning experience a team mission with peer support. Once you’ve advanced some steps you can mentor and guide the beginners if you want to. We’d love if you did so!


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