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Circles of fear – a very personal story (Episode 1 (Spring 2006))

In the beginning, everything was fine. At least I thought so. Until I woke up in a hospital in France, being on a drip-feed, having a catheter between my legs, paralysed. My thoughts moving all the faster, even faster, dashing, circulating at hyper-speed around one thought: It’s me, the virus. (Read more)

  • I’m a singer

    Ever Try

    Howdy folks,another lyrics for you inspired by Shadowedteenager. Hope you like it and try hard every day :)

    She | wanted to teach | children
    aged like | eight to twelve |
    Her parents | tried to put her | off
    telling her to get a | good job for her- | self
    She should become a | lawyer a good | lawyer
    a rich | lawyer who helps | money to win the | case
    She was in- | spired, she was am- | bitious
    when she | wanted to teach these | days (Read more)

How a school I found would look like

Howdy folks,

this morning I had a look again at Suzie81′s great post about why students are not allowed to fail. Afterwards, in the train to work, my brain started rattling and I thought about writing a blog entry on how a school I found would look like, especially how to write a kind of a mission statement for true and deep learning. (Read more)

Building trust in your team (Gamification of work)

Howdy Folks!

How are you? Has been a long and exciting week for me, especially because an article about me winning the trip to the IGIP conference in Russia has been published this week in the local news. I described how I came to wining the trip in my last post.

Today, I want to tell you something about “Building trust in your team (gamification of work)” […]. (Read more)

How to transform work into a meaningful activity that makes you happy

Howdy Folks!

Today I want to give you some ideas about how to transform work into a meaningful activity that makes you happy. And I want to thank Hört auf zu arbeiten!And I want to thank Anja Förster and Peter Kreuz for writing the very inspiring book “Hört auf zu arbeiten! Eine Anstiftung, das zu tun, was wirklich zählt” (in English it would be like “Stop to work! A call to do the things that really count/are really meaningful”). (Read more)

Remixing Relationships Vol. I

Howdy folks,

Today I want to present you five of my friends posts that I mixed up into a little short story. Hope you enjoy it and that it might inspire you to check out their amazing blogs… (Read more)


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