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5 thoughts on “Service Optimization – Follower Interests

  1. Greetings.
    I rarely speak about gaming and I have been reflecting on your invitation and mmorpg-like apps objective.
    I have stated earlier at
    Eve-online is my only useful reference to the mmorpg experience.
    Gamers like to say they KNOW it is only game, but they rarely acknowledge the game’s influence on their reality and their perspective of reality.
    When I voiced my formal request to suggest a mod change on the game’s forum thread my suggestion was rejected because it was not realistic.
    In other words their view of the real world was a world of danger and violence; yes many of the gamers really believe in empire building and violence because they choose to focus on it…
    they claimed I was dreaming a fantasy & they could not see a different perspective or a emerging new paradigm as they are blinded from other portions of reality…
    Those gamers are the future recruits to operate remotely controlled Drones and killing machines for institutions, to spy, mass surveillance, become military officers, to continue wars, become market trader/manipulator/strategist to disrupt the exchange markets, become the future money barons, because this is their “game of life” and their thrill…”they don’t care”, just an opportunity to profit.
    see this video (he sounds like the typical gamer in Eve-online)

    There were a minority of exceptions, gamers who wanted to wear “white hats” and be “white knights” often called “carebears” and “anti-pirates” but the game mechanics do not support that. A true “white hat” becomes a game outlaw, have a mounting bounty on his head, restricted from the least violent areas…
    Here is a funny and true experience I had in Eve-online:
    I moved to a different region in the universe and that was a very time consuming chore that took a few days in real life. This was a different race controlled region, that is at war with my race and they make slaves of other races too. So I decide to free some slaves and began to take slave missions. I had to intentionally fail my mission to free the slaves.
    Then I later became aware of the slave markets and bought some slaves with the intention to set them free but the game mechanics did not have this option so I jettisoned them out into cold dark space to die.
    Oh, the futility!
    . “Deadly games are being played; isn’t it time to Consciously shift into a new way?”

    • Good morning Ron and thank you very much for this very great comment! You’re a really mindful, idealistic person and I really like this characteristics!
      I think the problem with gamers is, that they find their meaningful acitivities in the game and not in real life and this way, the game and its laws become their reality (at least in their mind and thoughts). If you begin to game real hard, you let real life left to itself and make big changes in the game. But only within the game environment which includes the game rules and functions, so giving freedom to slaves is not one of your options. Without blaming any gamer, I want to show that cynicism and gaming are just two ways of escaping reality and enter a space where you feel better and sometimes feel like making a change. So the reason I stopped playing computer games about three years ago (with exception to some flash games that made my mandantory attendance to lectures bearable) was that games never gave me the possibility to grow as unlimited as in reality. To achieve growing is much harder in reality but if you make it, you are not forced to stop at level 99 or to stay with a football team manager position if you would like to become the marketing director of the club after five successful seasons as the team manager.
      So the point I want to make is that by escaping from reality because it feels bad and unchangeable, gamers take the (thought) unchangeable reality into the game and get in danger to lose their idealism about a better world. You see, why would you dream about a better world if you don’t believe that you can do anything to get there because the world is unchangeable?
      I think a part of my answer to Kendall’s comment on my latest post ( fits very well here, too: “I think we all need to be idealists and realists. Idealists when we think about our aims and about the world we define our aims on. Realists when thinking about the steps we need to do to get there. You see, Idealism without Realism is dreaming and Realism without Idealism is dry, uninspired, never innovative, never leading to a better world, simply good work. Only by dreaming and breaking down your dreams to realistic steps you will really make a difference and enjoy a meaningful activity.”
      Have a great day & may the force be with you,
      P.S.: I added your post about your gaming experience on my todo list, thanks for sharing it!

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