In Pursuit of the Light

Today, I want to continue my very personal story (last post was in October 2014) and as “Circle of fear” feels rather like where I have come from than where I am going to, I want to rename my very personal story from now on to “In Pursuit of the Light”. To illustrate what I mean with these words, I want to show you my…

Vision of life

The goal(s?) in my life

The power of love

Yes: I am a dreamer

And yes, sometimes it feels like a punishment but it feels so great when you meet someone who sees the dawn with you before the rest of the world and maybe can even help you make the world see it a little earlier.

Why sustainability?

But now back to my very personal story…

In Pursuit of the Light

Let’s say I begin to think about my life again after three years filled with studies and girlfriend struggle. I discover the great book “The seven habits of highly effective people” by Stephen Covey and begin taking control of my life again. I do better at work, enjoy my life more and more and feel quite good. I am spending very great summer holidays, one week of hiking with my parents (Austria) and two weeks of language-learning/practising and partying/excessive dancing (Salamanca, Spain). I discover how much I like to get to know to new people once again and organise some parties and connect people to each other. Back in Germany, some may have a hard time getting used to my new self-confidence but yeah, we are working on that. So lots of things are happening/I make lots of things happen and I want to leave you here for getting my shower to get ready for another exciting day.

This is how I left you last time I was writing down my very personal story. So what happened since then?

After the extreme energy and dancing in Summer 2014, I get known to a lovely girl from Fall to Spring and reaching Summer 2015, I wake up from my “Wintersleep” realizing I was not living to my full potential in this relationship and we break up. In Spring 2015, I begin working as an IT consultant quitting the company I worked at during and after my studies. As I am working most of the time from my home office (and only sometimes having workshops with customers what I would prefer much more), I look for excitement and social interaction outside of my work. I go a lot to the dancing parties of my dancing school, most of the time with the dancing partner I am dancing with for more than a year now. We spend our summer holidays at the Lake Constance together and enjoy the time very much. I am reaching my highest energy at the end of September 2015 when taking part in the Project Management Karlsruhe where I can talk and think a lot with great people and inspiring sessions.


I go to another dancing party just after the PM Camp is over and my life changes in a sudden. I am dancing with a woman I am knowing quite well for the little walk we had with some other persons from my dancing school in the summer. She tells me that my eyes would look empty and I begin to listen to my body. She tells me a few words while we are dancing and all of a sudden, my artificially pushed energy level gets down to a kind of natural tiredness after exhaustion and at the end of the dance, we hug each other. Laying in each other’s arms, we change the room and sit down for a close talk. In the following days, we see each other a lot and have continued to do so ever since. My words from “In our forest” are inspired by our first days. We seem to be very different but having the same goals in life which means we can support each other quite well, living a love I have not known before. When I see my grandma for the next time, I tell her that I have a new girlfriend and before she can reply anything, I tell her “I believe this time, she’s the one”. I am sure we will enjoy our pursuit of the light together.

But well, there is not only light in the world. In Spring 2015, I discover that I have started my master studies (distant learning) without thinking too much and decide to quit the pain and live without master degree – quite well so far I think.

In Fall 2015, I end the friendship with my dancing partner I spent my summer holidays with because I feel like I have to be an older, less energized version of myself when being with her. It gets complicated and sometimes ugly but feels great once I have cut all ways back – after all it is often leaving a door back open which ties us to our past and prevents us from reaching our full potential, I think. Of course, this does not mean that we do not need to make peace with our past – I accept that I have lost a friend but am grateful for the great time we had.

With the shaping of my vision of life I told you about above, I feel wrong with my job at the IT consulting company. I feel like I have to do too much things, I don’t love or the world don’t need that much and at the same time, I have learned during a Massive Open Online Course about Social Business which great things companies can do. I love my customers and enjoy working with them a lot but my bosses boss me around too much and sometimes show that they dream less than I do. I know that I am a hard-to-employ employee because I do not accept leadership executed by organizational position (“You have to do so because I am the boss”) and ask for real profit from my work for our customers and less focus on the profit of the company. But anyway, I close the door to my past once more and quit the job (currently I have my last working days till January 2016). It feels great, this smell of adventure!

Well, I am not unemployed despite this, I have started working for the Cooperate State University Karlsruhe as a project staff member in the area of eLearning (well known from my studies) – a job which feels a lot more like the purpose star in the first image.

DSC_5928_smallAnd there is a lot more to come, whatever it may be. I am on my way in pursuit of the light.

Enjoy the last days of this year – spend the Christmas days peacefully and wisely with your loved ones and if we do not talk to each other before 2016 – have a great start into the new year everybody!



In our forest

Why should I destroy what is growing under your feet?
Why should I cut the things around you,
fill the ground around you with concrete?
Build a fence around you and isolate you
so that you only grow by me?

We are trees in the forest,
our roots touch each other.
We live by the same soil.
Breathe the same air,
drink the rain together.

On your own you will die if I don’t water you.
With me, you will only grow by my light and water.
I love the passion for life.
I love the power, the surprise, the storm.
Who should light up the fire that I did not see coming?
Who but you, ignited by someone else?
Breathing the oxygen the sky gives to you.

Fly free like a bird in the sky, my heaven.
Dive to the sea bed and taste the sea.
Sing and dance, laugh and jump, cry and shout.
However you need it.
I am with you.
I am with you wherever you are.
I am with you whatever you do.
Fly my bird, fly.
Breathe life.

In our forest, there is space for everybody
For everybody who lives, who loves, who is.
I want to multiply peace, the sign of love, by ten,
giving the power of humanity to the earth,
Be my peace, my love,
I be your power and you be my earth,
I be your love and you be my life,
my eternity, my present, at the moment.

In times of silence, I can feel you.
I am often too loud, often too fast
Am the bow tensed with an arrow and fly with the arrow.
When I am with you, I am with me, my homeland, my harbour.

Blow all the borders with your roots growing.
Hold your treetop upwind and downwind, no matter the storm.
Give love and soil to grow at your roots.
Fly my bird, fly,
Breathe life, my heaven.
Let us multiply peace, the sign of love, by ten
and let us give the power of humanity to the earth,
When I am with you, I am with me, my homeland, my harbour.
My heart, my soul.
We will find each other again and again,
no matter which space,
no matter what time.

… and it makes sense!

Hey folks,

some of you might already know that I am currently taking part in the CBS Social Entrepreneurship MOOC. My original intention was both to learn more about social business (which I find a great way of working on social and environmental problems in a sustainable way) and about entrepreneurs (whom I find very interesting and inspirational personalities). Now I am part of an online project working on delivering personal and emotional support online to people in need of it and training mentors to give this support. More information on this project can be found here and before starting with my main post, I will share our short presentation video (“pitch”) we just have done for the online course:

Always looking for feedback by the way 🙂

But now to what I want to share with you today:

An entrepreneur is born (… and it makes sense)

First, I don’t think someone becomes born as an entrepreneur. But if you tend to seek solutions for problems existing in your environment, you are likely to become an entrepreneur one day. I think the most organic (in the meaning of continually growing) and sustainable way of becoming an entrepreneur is to be deeply committed to solving a problem in your environment (e.g. loneliness of the elder people).

You now begin to think about and search for solutions and develop a kind of idea what your solution could look like to solve this problem. Feeling this deep commitment and therefore need for a solution, you have a fire burning within which empowers you to work a lot on your solution and communicate with enthusiasm to other people to find like-minded people and form a team. Forming a team is very important because some day you will need more skills or thought exchange or working hours than you have at hand yourself and if you don’t have a team then, your solution will be limited in its growth and loose its sustainability and you can even begin to burn out.

So far my thoughts are no rocket science I think. But a thought hit me as I was telling a friend that I lacked the feeling of having the parts/activities in my life integrated into a vision/goal which makes me feel like “This is what I am. This is what I want to achieve. I don’t just work, I burn for making my vision real and everything makes sense!”

If you are deeply committed to solving a problem in your environment and burn for it, the way you are and the skills you have will make more and more sense in your life as you will be able to use them for your solution and the puzzle of your life reveals a mystery and shows the entrepreneur required for making the solution real.

I think this must be a wonderful feeling (even if you can’t sleep at night sometimes because you are full of visionary thoughts) which gives you a lot of inner fuel and strength. I mean after all, you have just found the confirmation for the need to be needed and a really meaningful activity and you are somehow made for it – wow!

I feel like my words still lack a bit the clarity to paint the picture of this entrepreneur in my mind but maybe you can help me with your comments and questions so that I can develop this idea further?

Have a great day,


Throw Away Your Burden From Time To Time

Hey folks,

DSC_5928_smalllong time no news from me but well… I feel like today, I should tell you something. I’m feeling like waking up again, like leaving my “hibernation”. I had these days of excessive dancing in Spain this Summer and was very active afterwards. With the days getting shorter and the news in my life getting less (or at least it felt like this), I was getting more and more tired and within the last days, I struggled hard to get myself up in the morning most of the days. What happened to the guy who always woke up before 7 am and was already vibrating to do something?

The reason I am writing to you today is that I want to tell you some answers to this question I just found for myself:

  • Eating too much and too fast often takes me down after the meal, especially if I am not vibrating before the meal. So excessive eating is only good/possible for me in combination with excessive dancing – which I am currently not doing.

    Idea 1: Slow food – live fast!

  • Having something on your todo list which you don’t want to do already sucks – but with every day you don’t do and don’t throw the todo away, it feels more like a burden and will probably take you down so that you even stop doing the things you like to do less.

    Idea 2: Carefully think about what to put on my todo list – and do it in a timely manner. If I think about rescheduling something, I should instead think about throwing the task away – if I find a good reason not to throw it away, I can do it right now.

  • Some call it “sharpening the saw”, others speak of “time for myself”. Anyway – between a job, friends, family and leisure activities, there has to be time for myself – time when I can relax, think, work-out and grow.

    Idea 3: Enjoy and spend the time on my own wisely – and claim this time for and from myself daily.

I feel like I should get a task board, pin these three ideas there and start using the task board more than my Calendar.

Have you experienced similar problems with getting yourself motivated/up and running and how have you dealt with them?

Have a great day,



Using Visualization For Self-Improvement

Howdy folks,

today I want to let you know how I am currently implementing Habit 7.

If you wonder what I am talking about: I am on a journey of continuous self-improvement. I am using Stephen Covey’s great book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” as a framework and guide. You might want to check it out, it provides you with a framework for continuous self-improvement based on reasonable principles. If you have any questions about the book, feel free to ask in the comment section.

Parts of Habit 7

Parts of Habit 7

So back to Habit 7, “Sharpen The Saw”. Habit 7 tells us to spend some time everyday on ourselves, on our production capability to provide us with a healthy and fit body and mind to implement the other habits. You can see the four parts of Habit 7 in the photo on the right side (which I put on my room’s wall):

Let’s start west – MENTAL: Of course, I am READING my guide and further literature whenever I feel a need for some external wisdom and guidance. I am PLANNING my day whenever I want to achieve a lot of different things (usually the first thing I do on Saturday mornings – writing an ordered list of todos/activities with some scheduled hours to make sure I get everything done during the day). I am WRITING right now (I think a blog is a great way of self-reflection). And I am VISUALIZING a lot of things on my room’s wall to remember me everyday and this way establish them in my mind/as a part of me. I will show you some of the photos on my room’s wall now.

Feather in the air

Feather in the air

To remind me of the right state of mind (Energy is a question of attitude & mind: Sometimes I feel very tired or slow but most of the time, it is because I don’t lift up my mental energy level.), I use the photo on the right side (which is a feather in the air – in my opinion a good metaphor for an easy state of MIND):




Some kind of PHYSICAL activity which also lifts up my mood and improves my inner balance by requiring me to be in the right state of mind (otherwise it feels like a lot of work) is singing.

Boy in the woods

Boy in the woods





This applies also to going for a walk and enjoying nature which is also good for my body – which I tend to use to little during the day as I am an office worker. So I took this photo of a boy enjoying the sun in the woods to remind me of going for a walk everyday:

Sports collage

Sports collage





And for the real sport stuff, I made a little collage of my favorite activities – going for a jog, cycling, swimming and work-out. The man’s shoulder also reminds me of the right position of my shoulder which still tends to be bowed.



Very useful for my SOCIAL motivation is to remind me of smiling everyday. Smiling makes me feel more positive about things (also a kind of attitude thing) and lets me spread a positive energy that can reach persons around me. This way I feel both more readiness for social interaction (sometimes even too much you might say – most of the time I am travelling by train for more than one hour, I enjoy a conversation with a stranger) and am more attractive for social interaction (is there a more attractive thing than a simple smile?).

Two more photos are left to show. Do you know the following challenge? You know a lot of very nice persons that you always want to stay in touch with but rarely manage to give them a call, write them some lines or invite them for lunch/dinner. Why do you fail to stay in touch with them? One of my explanations is that I think too little of them. I think of a person quite a lot shortly after talking to the person but after some time, with all the daily issues on my mind, I only think of the person if something remembers me of the person. If I don’t have the time in this moment to give the person a call (let it be whatever kind of communication), I think about planning to contact the person but well, you know this can still be difficult and I forget to remember the person again after some time.

Social Planetary System

Social Planetary System

So what I did to remember my friends every day was to craft a kind of social planetary system. I printed some circles for the background and the profile photos of the persons I want to stay in touch with and put them onto the background in a kind of best friends/most important persons from the center to the edges (I blurred this photo to save my friends’ identities). I look at this photo/collage almost every evening and whenever I feel like I haven’t heard of a person for quite a while, I can contact the person.

Some words on the SPIRITUAL part: I am currently working on the preparation of my personal mission statement which will clarify my values and inner motivation. Of course I will put my personal mission statement (which is something like my personal constitution) on my room’s wall to read it quite often.

What I am looking at every morning

What I am looking at every morning

We get to the last photo which is of the wall I look at every morning (you have already seen these photos but I think for visualization, it is very important to put the photos in a place where you see them quite often).

What would you visualize on your room’s wall? Do you also use this kind of visualization technique?

Thank you very much for your reading.

Have a great time,


P.S.: If you wonder why I am already implementing Habit 7 before even finishing (for the first time) with Habit 2 – in my opinion spending some time on a first implementation of Habit 7 can improve my production capability in a great way which allows me to implement the other habits in an even better way.

Briefly Hit By Happiness

Howdy folks,

Bring Back My Happiness

Bring Back My Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you know this feeling of a very comfortable fit between two persons on a special matter of common activity? Do you know the feeling when it is gone as fast as it came into your life? If you do, I think you understand this post’s title quite well…

A Little Happiness

A Little Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But we never give up, you know, we are fighters, for happiness and peace, we shout through the silence and silence the screams calming down the worried and loving the lost ones. Let’s stand together in the desert where a single drop of tear can make a flower grow and swim through the ocean of tears we cry one day or another. A new day will come and the sun will shine on our way. To happiness.

May peace surround you and be happiness your friend celebrating life.


The Tree Of Life – Remember Happiness Today – From Roots To Crown – Day 01

Howdy folks,

You can read more about my concept of the Tree Of Life here.

A sketch to illustrate the Tree Of Life

A sketch to illustrate the Tree Of Life

Some of my thoughts on this sketch of the Tree Of Life:

  • The roots are the reasons or motivators for doing something. With growing roots, you get a better hold on earth and know what you are living for, so every defeat will be less likely to really defeat you.
  • The layers of the stock are your preferences so you will get a larger radius of interest the more layers of stock grow. You will know more precisely what you like about life.
  • The crown and especially the leaves represent the different kinds of impact your preferences (which lead to a certain kind of behaviour) have on your environment. With every leave growing you know about one more thing you are here on earth. With the feedback you get by other people (the sun), your impact (leaves) can produce energy to make you grow and improve.
The Challenge 4

The Challenge 4 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today my (logical) chain goes like this:

  • Root: Challenge
  • Stock: Philosophizing, Analyzing & Solving Problems, Research
  • Impact: Making a change for a better tomorrow, Discussion & Inspiration, Another problem getting solved, improve living & working quality, creating an understanding & make people think

What is your root of the day and which layers of your stock are built on it? Which leaves are connected to them?

And as if this would not be enough questions, here comes the Remember Happiness Today question for Material Monday:

Sushi in Kasan - will tell you why before Christmas for sure

Eating Sushi in Kasan – will tell you why before Christmas for sure

What is your favorite meal and when did you eat it for the last time? Why is it your favorite meal? And which impact does it or do you have eating it on the world and your environment?

Looking forward to reading your comments!

May peace surround you and be happiness your friend,


P.S.: You can find all Tree Of Life posts here.

The Tree Of Life – Improving Remember Happiness Today And The Bunch Of Life

Howdy folks,

today, I want to present to you my concept of the “Tree Of Life”. In case you don’t know my series Remember Happiness Today and the Bunch Of Life I recommend you to check them out briefly to know what I am talking about. However, I will try to give you a short introduction:

  • Remember Happiness Today is a daily series to remember you of happy times six times a week and of a sad time one time a week by asking you questions about your preferences and when you did something you preferred for the last time.
  • Bunch Of Life is a daily series to provide you with the opportunity to think about what is important in your life and be able to spend more time in your preferred way.

Talking to my friend Anasera from Wildersoul, I discovered that there is much more to think about because every preference has some reasons and some impacts. So my plan was to change the Bunch Of Life into a Tree Of Life with the roots as reasons, the stock as preferences and the crown as the impact on other people who are represented by the sun. Have a look at it now please:

A sketch to illustrate the Tree Of Life

A sketch to illustrate the Tree Of Life

Let’s add some of my thoughts on this sketch of the Tree Of Life:

  • The roots are the reasons or motivators for doing something. With growing roots, you get a better hold on earth and know what you are living for, so every defeat will be less likely to really defeat you.
  • The layers of the stock are your preferences so you will get a larger radius of interest the more layers of stock grow. You will know more precisely what you like about life.
  • The crown and especially the leaves represent the different kinds of impact your preferences (which lead to a certain kind of behaviour) have on your environment. With every leave growing you know about one more thing you are here on earth. With the feedback you get by other people (the sun), your impact (leaves) can produce energy to make you grow and improve.

What are your thoughts about this concept? Do I make sense? Looking forward to your feedback, comments and likes.

May peace surround you and be happiness your friend,


P.S.: Starting tomorrow, I will post one (logical) chain of reason, preference and impact of my Tree Of Life and ask you a question in the style of Remember Happiness Today but combined with the question of reason and impact, so asking you for a (logical) chain of your Tree Of Life. Looking forward to getting to know your (logical) chains of your Tree Of Life!

Series Interruption For Relaunch

Howdy folks,

just a quick post to let you know that I had a very inspiring hangout with my friend Anasera from WilderSoul today who made me think of the TREE of life instead of the bunch of life. I guess I can and I will integrate Remember Happiness Today into this tree of life and hope that you will like it and profit from reading and commenting on it.

For those of you who can't wait to discover what the tree of life is a very rough sketch. Enjoy :)

For those of you who can’t wait to discover what the tree of life is a very rough sketch. Enjoy 🙂

I will update you next Sunday when I will schedule the posts of this new series for the following week.

Make sure to stay tuned.

May peace surround you and be happiness your friend,


Remember Happiness Today – (St)Art(ing) Sunday – Day 28

Howdy folks,

I'm on my way to happiness. Wanna join me?

I’m on my way to happiness. Wanna join me?

The idea of this post series is to ask you one question every day hoping the answers will remind you of happy times you would like to repeat once more. And I’m sure you will find a way to repeat them in one or another way.

If you want to read more about my personal happiness project, I recommend to you reading my sketch of the face of happiness series. Maybe you want to answer my key questions to happiness, too.

Enough words for now, guess you are already excited to get your question for today:

My brother playing the organ

I was in the opera and in the theater with my brother for the last time.

When did you go to the theater for the last time and what was the story on stage?

Please share your answer with us by commenting on this post. I look forward to reading your answers!

My poem of the day goes here:


The curtain rises.

The king is dead.

The queen is calling.

The knight is coming.

The story ends.

The curtain falls.


May peace surround you and happiness be your friend.

Yours sincerely,


P.S.: You can find all the Remember Happiness Today questions here.