The light side

  • The light side is also called intelligent gamification.

    Gamma - The light side of Gamification

    Gamma – The light side of Gamification

  • It can be described as sustainable, feedback-enabling, player-supporting design of applications.
  • If there is no intrinsic motivation, you are not ready for the light side.
  • If you are for the quick money, stay on the dark side.
  • If you want to join the light side, be clear about the hard job you are accepting:
  1. You have to think about more game elements than points and badges.
  2. You have to create an application that at least two types (I suggest explorers and socializer) enjoy to play for a very long time.
  3. You need to know about leveling, the three cycles of mastering and think about much more.
  4. You need to enable your players to get quick feedback so that they always know where they stand.
  5. You need to create something supporting like a skill and task monitor for your players.
  6. You may not use extrinsic motivators as they make your players perform worse and stop them perform if you stop the motivators or don’t increase the rewards regularly.
  7. You need a kind of “Wisdom Council” to let your players decide on your plans where to take the application to.
  • But if you accept and succeed, you are my hero! Besides this, you get:

    Gamification of Life (Jul '11)

    Gamification of Life (Jul ’11) (Photo credit: VFS Digital Design)

  1. Lucky, thankful players (or workers)
  2. Self-confident, self-educating players (or workers !)
  3. maybe even self-managing players (or workers !!!)
  4. highly efficient and productive players not because you pay the highest bonus but because they see how they perform and develop their skills
  5. Don’t want to think of more because I already feel that you could take me for a dreamer as this four points sound like paradise (point 3 only if you dare to believe that every human being has a brain and might use it if you allow to do so)

If you want to know more about the light side, just read across this blog or leave a comment with your questions.


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