The surveillance state – what is it about?

Remember to switch the subtitles to English.

Please sign the petition against surveillance at

Thank you very much for watching and supporting, I really feel like we have to do something against surveillance and this feels like a good step!

Feel free to share your thoughts here.


14 thoughts on “The surveillance state – what is it about?

  1. I signed the petition. But it wasn’t clear if the US was part of the petition. Either way, it’s wrong to spy on people not doing anything wrong. It’s almost the “Thought Police,” if you search for a particular term you could be targeted for surveillance.

    I was in the Navy and part of the NSA. I know the paranoia of these people, and that was 30 years ago. It can only be worse now.

  2. Hey Ron,
    are you looking for a new email provider? I didn’t quite get it, I think.
    I added the video on my todo list, thx for sharing 🙂
    Have a great day & may the force be with you,

  3. Hi Chris,
    There must be contract or agreement, otherwise it is a form of tyranny when one party takes actions against/for you without your consent.
    Rather than focus on the good and bad, it is fundamentally rights and wrongs.
    Your freedom is your natural right (free to travel, free to speak, free to privacy, etc.) violating these rights is wrong.
    You are free or not free, there is no partial freedom (except by agreement).
    The rest of the rhetoric simply masks the foundation.

    Chris, perhaps you can earn something of value by offering your translation skills to other youtube users as they upload their videos.
    I certainly search the internet for information in all languages as the emerging new paradigm reveals itself more will share their stories variety of languages…
    You could be paid for your service or perhaps arrange other services in a trade?
    A few years ago I made this video for youtube but I left (boycott) all google accounts (youtube, gmail, etc).
    I kept the video and later uploaded it to vimeo.
    Feel free to translate this video to German.

    Thank you for being here!

    • Hey Ron,
      You’re right and I think the agreement was made without asking us so it is not an agreement and we do not have a value that pays us for being monitored. Thank you for sharing your video, I liked it. But I think it’s a bit too much of math for most people. And then you even want to tell that 1+1 should be 1? 🙂 I think for most people, you need to put it a bit simpler. Not to say they are not smart. I believe that almost everybody can be smart if you give him/her an opportunity to be smart. But we need to catch people at the level they currently are and only then we can raise them up to something like 1+1 is 2 or 1, it depends…
      By the way, did you get my email?
      Have a great day & may the force be with you,
      P.S.: Thank you for being here, too!
      P.S. 2: If I like something like the video yesterday (, I like to translate something. But I don’t want to earn money this way because translating must feel like a meaningful activity to me (like yesterday), otherwise it is bad work for me.

      • Yes, most institutions (court of law and governments for example) make presumptions, infer “tacit agreement”, and accept your “acquiescence” as agreement.

        The math of wholeness is a very deep concept and when I had a youtube account my subscribers fully comprehended the concept but of course there were many other videos and discussions about wholeness, Advaita Vedanta philosophy, duality, good, evil, nature, freedom, etc.
        I had fun experiences on youtube before Google bought it.
        LOL, that short video clip was never intended to be the detailed explanation for someone who never imagined the concept but for some who had difficulty visualizing in practical ways the concept of Advaita I was told it helped them.

        I have not checked email in awhile as I need to find a new provider.
        I wish you joy in all you do: do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do.
        Unhappy work is not good…
        Perhaps you will enjoy this animated text for the deceased Terrence Mckenna lecture to “Reclaim Your Mind”:

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