Relaxing from EPS Panels

Good morning kalabalu,

this goes to you.

How are you? What’s on your mind?

Hope you will enjoy sitting here with me for some time and drink one coffee or tea and maybe one more.

And one more? 🙂

I’m waiting for you to join me,



2 thoughts on “Relaxing from EPS Panels

  1. Great to have you here enjoying your cup of tea 🙂 Would you like some chocolate, too? 😉 How do you think about awards? I just got my 4th one some days ago. I’m concerned about my autonomy of communication constrained by an award. Do you understand what I mean? I mean awards are a great thing but next time I receive one, it will make me less happy and annoy more that I have to do things I do not always want to… I think there must be another kind of appreciation that smells more like freedom…

  2. I am here. A very good morning to you. I am fine thank you. I am enjoying my cup of tea your company..will have one more. What is on my mind..well I got nominated for award..and that is going around in my mind. 🙂

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